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Kenmore Elite Oasis HE washer off balance problem

I have removed and examined all of the suspension rod assemblies(good condition and springs all same length) and removed the spin basket and cleaned out beneath it. After all of this work the machine still gets off balance in the spin cycle and sometimes gives the UL error code. I want to know if there are other things I can check into and possibly fix myself prior to resorting to a service call? I was thinking maybe the control board is the one on recall but do not know how to identify it or if that could even give us the off balanced situation with our machine?

I know it is Sunday, but I am really getting desperate to find a fix as we have loads of clothes to wash. The machine was working fine and has developed this off balance thing in the last couple of weeks, so it makes me think something has changed with it, but I know so little about appliances. Any help is truly appreciated!

Best regards,

Wes Spence

Kenmore , Washers
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Adrian Calvillo
Move the tub by hand when the machine is empty and listen for water sloshing around. Run a empty machine and see if the off balance problem occurs even then. Mine did and the problem turned out to be water getting into 2 "water tight" rings on the tub. I drilled 4 small holes to drain the water out and problem solved.
by Adrian Calvillo
23 days ago
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