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Kenmore Model 1941 sewing machine

On my model 1941 Sears Kenmore sewing machine, the stitch selector no longer allows me to pick a stitch other than straight, back stitch, zigzag. The stitch that I use a lot is the smocking stitch. The stitches do not come close together. Like it is skipping a stitch. The back stitch works fine.

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Manage My Life

I have been given an older Model 1941, according to the previous owner it was serviced about a year ago and not used much since. It runs great except for this:

The "Special Stitch Dial" outer rim that controls the stitch width does not move independently of the center dial which sets the special stitches.

Any tips on what may be the problem? I could not find anything in the manual that goes over this as a potential problem or that there is something I should be doing to release the two dials to move independently.

So obviously I can only access the stitches that re in the range of the stitch width selection, but not all of them on the dial.

Thanks for any help,
by Manage My Life
April 23rd, 2013
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