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My Craftsman Snow blower, model 247.889702 will not start. What can I do to get this started?

I have changed the spark plug and have adjusted to the proper gap

I ran out all of the fuel last spring before storing for the summer

I've followed the trouble shooting guide to get it started to no avail

Craftsman Model # 247.889702 26" Deck Snow blower

I do own a service plan, but I would rather solve on my own. In the past when I've called Sears about an issue with this snow blower, they have said it could be several weeks before they could look at it. It is winter and I don't have that luxury.

I purchased this 1 year ago.

I have purchased some carburetor cleaner, but have not used it due to inexperience with small engines.

I'm somewhat frustrated to be having these problems with such a new machine.

I've tried starting several times and it did fire briefly a few times but wouldn't stay running.

There is fresh fuel in the tank.

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4 Answers from these members:
Just went through this exercise my self last month.
1- drain the fuel tank of gas then tip the snow blower on it's side, exhaust up, fuel tank down.
2- remove the carb float bowl by unscrewing a 10mm bolt. The carb float bowl is on the left side of the handle under and behind the exhaust.
(It's the shining steel bow with two bolts, one at an angle. Unscrew the vertical one.)
Any left over gas will now come out so get a towel handy and make sure your are in a
well ventlated area.

3- You can now spray carb cleaner or other stuff up the bolt hole. Give it some time to work.

4- Be carefull if you remove the float by removing the hinge pin. These are small parts.

5- Next, I tilted the machine upright and fill the carb bowl with Sea-form while holding
the bolt under to reduce leakage.

6- Just screw the bolt in to reattach the carb. Make sure the rubber gasket is seated

7- Follow the starting instructions and it should start.
January 23rd, 2013
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