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my garage door opener has lost range on the remote, even with new batteries

craftsman garage door opener: model n. 139.53985D. About 2 years old. Worked great till this week

Does not open from the car in front of door out side. Get out of the car, nothing. Get close to the door and door frame, will work.

Once the door is open, it will close from outside, but not in the car.

I changed the batteries in both remote. I reprogrammed them both, same thing.

It seems like the logic board has weakened, and can only respond from close range inside the garage. I is responding OK from the wired control button inside the garage

I am considering an: Ant ex kit part no:41A3504, but can not find a schematic of installation anywhere. Or does it need a new logic board...???

Would you be able to help..????



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Manage My Life
Garage door openers are a great convenience for the home but occasionally one of the many parts may cause an issue. I searched through previous posts for this model here at Manage My Life and located two that may be helpful while you wait for the expert response. I attached the links below. I hope this information helps.
by Manage My Life
January 21st, 2012
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