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Manage My Life

toilet bowl

by Manage My Life Last activity date:
March 22nd, 2012

how do I clean the rim stain of toilet bowl

Eco-Friendly Detergent
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Answers (2)
Manage My Life
Maria - We may need a bit more data on the type of staining as a reddish, brown tint typically is the result of having iron in the water. The type of cleaner you select may be dependent on the source of the stains. Using a type of cholorine tablet in the toilet tank will allow a gradual dose of treated water to sit in the bowl. 2000 Flushes is a well known cleaner if you are looking for the gradual release and continual cleaning rather than a 1-time hard scrub fix. A more abrasive cleaning solution may be a CLR (Calcium Lime Rust) option as I linked for you below.
by Manage My Life
March 22nd, 2012
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Manage My Life
Any tips to help keep the bathroom fixtures clean is helpful. No one wants to fight bowl stains. I did some research and located two similar questions with great answers that may help. I attached the link below. I hope these help you end with a sparkling bowl.
Answered in 7 minutes
by Manage My Life
February 16th, 2012
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