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Why doesn't water come out of refridgerator door?

I hooked up my 1/4 inch water line to my GE fridge. It worked fine for approx. 3 wks. along with my ice maker. Now my water won't come out but my ice maker is working fine and staying full. When I choose the water selection on door and press the lever in with a glass, I can hear a click in the back of fridge like it wants to run but nothing comes out anymore.
Please Help, Thank You,
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Joseph Perez
The water dispenser not working properly can be an inconvenience and keep you from enjoying some purified water. I am adding a link below that describes a similar question. I hope this helps while you wait for your expert response.
by Joseph Perez Earned 50,813 community points in Appliances
February 22nd, 2012
Answered in 5 minutes
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scott d
Thank you for your question. I know it can be disappointing when the water dispenser stops working. If you can hear a clicking sound behind the unit when the dispenser is activated, it indicates the water valve is being energized. The most likely problem will be a defective valve but it could also be a frozen reservoir or the line in the door could be frozen. Check the reservoir behind the crispers and if it’s frozen, a hair dryer can be used to thaw it out. Just be careful not to get it too hot. If the reservoir is ok, the water line under the freezer door can be taken loose at the connection. Place the end of the tube in a pitcher and activate the dispenser. If water comes out under pressure, it means the line is frozen in the door. If there is no water flow and you can hear the clicking sound, the water valve # WR57X10032 will need to be replaced. I hope this will help you. If you would like more assistance, reply to this thread and I will be glad to assist you further.

If you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a Sears technician. Here is a link for the website:

Sears Home Services

by scott d Earned 139,392 community points in Appliances
February 23rd, 2012
Answered in 19 hours
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