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Kenmore front load washer - manual says you can't wash waterproof items

Kenmore Elite Front Loading Automatic Washer - model 796.4102. Purchased January 2012

Hi - We bought the above front load model washer a couple of months ago and the manual says not to wash waterproof items. This doesn't make any sense to me. One of our reasons for buying this model was the energy efficiency and how it would save us money, and that was also highly promoted by the sales rep at the store. We have a lot of waterproof jackets and other items that we wear often, and we have always washed them in our own washing machine. If we have to take them to a laundromat every time we need to wash them, that would be really inconvenient and expensive. The care labels on the items say that they can be machine washed.

Could you please elaborate on this limitation of the washing machine?

Thanks for your help,
Kathleen Barringer

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Manage My Life
Oh Ok - I was worried that whatever it is that makes it waterproof (maybe some type of chemical coating or something) might come off the clothes and do some damage to the components or something. We have already washed a lot of ski jackets, and though the ones we washed were not water proof, they were still made of a fabric that doesn't absorb much water. They seemed to do ok. I'm glad to know that I can go ahead and wash the waterproof ones without damaging the washer. I will take care to either add towels or skip the spin cycle. Thanks for your help!
by Manage My Life
March 19th, 2012
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