WE261: Is there such a thing as a "repair manual" available?

Problem with gear shifting. Neutral is not neutral ...

March 20th, 2012

The IPB shows things, but they don't show to what they are connected. As a result I see interesting answers here that refer to parts by their function. I need to know how thinks are connected together. As it stands it appears that the shift arm (18) loosely captures some dowel-like thing. At reverse there is much play fore and aft. At neutral there is a good bit of play. Shifting to the higher gears captures it and pushes it forward.

I have a problem similar to a problem reported by others. One day, with the lever in neutral, the mower moves forward. without making any changes, it may move reverse or it may not move at all. It's been a long time since reverse worked properly and I've done the thing with adjusting the shift lever. It's like something is loose and may or may not engage depending on where it last rattled to. Am I on the right track? Seems like that dowel thing should completely follow the shift arm, so that the shift are engages it at all positions. Well, if it really is a (item 18) shift arm. Any help?

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Manage My Life
Lawn tractors are great for taking care of the yard. When there is a problem it can be frustrating at times. I did find some information for you. The first link is for the exploded parts list and the second link is for the owners manual. I hop that this will assist you until your expert can answer your question.
by Manage My Life
March 20th, 2012
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