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Manage My Life

Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Door Problem

by Manage My Life Last activity date:
March 30th, 2012

I have a Kenmore Ultra Wash dishwasher model 665.1703. The door used to slowly open but now it just drops open. Is there a spring or something else that I should look at to fix it? Looking at the Repair Parts list for the Door and Panel Parts picture there is a part called "Sleeve, Friction" 8268961 that looks like the part that might need to be replaced but not sure.

Dishwashers , Kenmore , Appliances
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Answers (2)
Lyle W
That friction sleeve is probably not the component that is causing this problem. That sleeve is circled in red on the image below. It is a sleeve that just helps the hinge of the door glide proper against the frame. You can see the wear path on the silver part of the frame above that part. Your problem is likely caused by a failure of the bushing (part number 8268990) that is circled in green or the spring (part 8524473) that is attached to that bushing. There is a chance that the spring is just detached from the frame at the bottom of the dishwasher. I recommend that you

shut off the house circuit breaker

for the dishwasher and pull it out from under the counter to examine those components. You can use the installation manual to guide you in pulling that dishwasher out from under the counter. Here is a link for that installation guide:

Installation Instructions

. You can order the parts that you need from this page:

Kenmore Dishwasher 665.1703 . . . Tub and Frame Parts

. Be sure that you

shut off the house circuit breaker

to disconnect electrical power to the dishwasher before accessing and replacing internal components.

This information should help you fix that door problem on your dishwasher. If you need more assistance, reply with additional details.

If you get to the point where you need to have a service technician diagnose and repair this failure, you can schedule service through this link:

Sears Home Services

by Lyle W
March 30th, 2012
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afritz afritz
I understand that your Kenmore Ultra dishwasher door does not close properly. While you are waiting for an expert to respond, I have attached some helpful links below that may provide information to assist you with your question. Have a great day!
Answered in 9 minutes
by afritz afritz
March 29th, 2012
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