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Flashing lid lock on Kenmore Washer

Here's another complaint about lid locks. You'd think with as many problems they have, they could engineer them better or just eliminate them!

I have a Kenmore 110.21102010 washer. Everything works normally until the basket tries to spin. Then the lid lock light starts flashing and the it sort of freezes up for about 4 minutes. The light goes out, I can press Pause/Start twice and it will continue with cycle until it comes to the next time it needs to spin. Same process. Doesn't affect filling, washing, or draining. Plus, when I restart it, it seems to do it's spin thing without freezing up. It's just when it comes to the next scheduled spin program.

Have tried to enter diagnostic code procedure as listed for other lid lock questions, but nothing. It won't go to the diagnostic program. Is this indicative of a failure in the control board? I'm guessing the problem is in either the control board or the lid lock mechinism itself. If you can't help me get to the diagnostic program, from these clues, which would you replace first?

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Fred M
I suppose as long as there are small children there will be lid locks. I didn't find any indication of excessive failures but things can break. What can be frustrating is when something will work occasionally like your lock. The washer will not spin unless it sees the door shut and locked. At the end of the day we may replace the lid switch but first I'd suggest you unplug the washer and check the wire connections on the switch. If a meter is available then you can check the resistance of the lock motor. See the image below for help with this. Jiggle and wiggle the wires and make sure the connections are good. If needed the switch can be obtained from the following link:

Kenmore Top Load Washer Lid Lock

by Fred M Earned 3,532 community points in Kenmore
April 30th, 2012
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