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Riding Lawn Mower Questions about Hydrostatic deive service

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May 5th, 2012

Regarding Riding Craftsman Mower Model #917.273220 with Hydrostatic Transaxle Model #222-3010L

How often is it necessary to change the filter?

What Type oil is used?

What amount (Quantity) is used?

Why is this information not in the manual that came with the tractor?
4 questions that need a reply ASAP!

It would seem to me this is an important part of a service plan and it is not mentioned in the literature received with the machine.

I would suggest you educate the people in the parts Dept. as they refered me to a phone #
1-800-682-8697 that has "Busy Signal" after I made Many Many attempts to call it and this is more frustrating !
I then tried to call various other numbers only to receive no information.

If everyone has to go to a computer we will have no jobs for Americans.

This web site is not as clear as one might think....When a person wants Technical information they need to SPEAK with an experienced individual NOW! Not rumage through a buch of web page clutter.


Please take note as I will consider Sears / Craftsman in the future BUT I will expect COMPLETE and ACCRUATE information regarding the PROPER service of the equipment.
Should I look at every manual before I buy?

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Manage My Life
Information for service and maintenance for a new mower should be convenient and complete. I am sorry you did not get the necessary information with your tractor. An investment of this size needs to be fully documented. The expert will be reviewing all your questions to respond. The average time frame for one of the experienced and knowledgeable experts is usually two business days if not sooner. As you mention, being able to reach someone for answers is important. At the bottom of the Manage My Life page there is a "click to talk" icon. You can enter your phone number for a call back which will help ensure you are not holding the phone or listening to busy signals. While you are waiting for the expert, I did locate two previous expert posts with some of the information needed. I also added the link to the online manual for service and maintenance information to help. Please see these links below. If you have additional questions for the expert, you can just click reply and add the additional information. Your feedback is appreciated in order to always try to better serve the community members on this site. I hope this information helps with the service for your tractor. Have a great day.
Answered in 18 minutes
by Manage My Life
May 5th, 2012
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