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Manage My Life

John Deere L120 Lawn Mower will not engage blades.

by Manage My Life Last activity date:
May 12th, 2012

Was cutting grass and then noticed that blades were not turning and cutting grass. The lawn mower blades will not engage when PTO switch is pulled up. I bought a new switch for the seat and replaced it, but that did not resolve the problem. I disconnected the PTO switch and checked resistence on the pins. The pins are in three rows labeled Com A, Com B, and Com C. When I checked these pins Com A and Com B was reading around 1.0 ohms. Com C has been getting very erattic readings 22.0 ohms and higher at times. Thinking it may possibly be the PTO switch. Another thing that is unusual, is after replacing the seat switch, I tested the seat switch to see if mower would turn off if I got off of the seat. The mower kept running after I got of the seat, and I did not have the parking brake engaged. The mower should have shut down if I am not mistaken. Not sure what to do right now.

Lawn Mowers
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Answers (5)
afritz afritz
I understand that your lawn mowers blades are not engaging. While you are waiting for an expert to respond, I have attached some helpful links below that may provide information to assist you with your question. Have a great day!
Answered in 6 minutes
by afritz afritz
May 12th, 2012
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