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Noisy refrigerator evaporator fan motor

Samsung Refrigerator.
Model: RS277ACPN/XAA
Serial #: A93543CS400477 E

Symptoms: Evaporator fan in refrigerator sometimes makes excessive noise. Refrigerator still appears to be cooling OK.

What I've done: Removed fan from refrigerator. Taped refrigerator light switch in the closed position. Checked voltage at fan electrical plug. I get 12 volt reading that fluctuates between 12 and approximately 0 volts. When I plugged the fan back into the electrical plug, it ran fine, although it made a slight noise when I would move it around at different angles. I sprayed the motor shaft with silicone spray, and reinstalled the fan and motor assembly. Fan ran normally for about two weeks, and is now periodically making noise again. I'd like to make sure the fan motor is defective before replacing it

Please provide me the trouble shooting procedures for the evaporator fan motor. Questions I have: (1) What is the voltage of the fan motor? (2) What are the procedures for checking the voltage? (3) Where do I take the voltage reading? (4) Do I take the voltage reading with the fan connected? (5) Is there a test for amperage draw? (6) Is there a resistance check you can do on the motor windings? (7) Do you have to tape the refrigerator light switch closed to ensure power goes to the evaporator motor when doing voltage checks with refrigerator door open? (8) Do the refrigerator and freezer evaporator motors run independently of each other (i.e. will the freezer evaporator motor continue to run when the refrigerator door is opened?). (9) Are there other things that could cause a noisy evaporator motor (i.e. ice build up).

There is approximately ¼ inch movement (in and out) in the fan motor shaft, but it is “spring loaded” in the retracted position. Is this normal?

If available, please send me a maintenance manual/wiring diagram for this refrigerator. The wiring diagram on the rear of the refrigerator isn’t legible.



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Manage My Life
i understand how it can be frustrating when it comes to having a noisy refrigerator as well can be rather concerning. After researching the Manage My Life website and have located a link quite similar to your issue. While you are awaiting a response from an expert I have attached the link below. Hope this is helpful!
by Manage My Life
September 6th, 2012
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