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Century 40/225 AMP Battery Charger - Charging Rate Selector switch wiring

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October 30th, 2012

Sam A. ??? "Hello" help! Looking for a wiring diagram or information on how to wire the back of a 246-057-200 Charging Rate Selector SWITCH mounted to the front of a Century 40/225 AMP Battery Charger. There are four numbered connection leads 1-4 at the top of the back of the SWITCH. Connection # 1 and 4 were already disconnected when I got to it. Connection # 2 looks like a black wire. Connection # 3 is Light Blue. Can you tell me where the Red and Yellow wires connect to the numbered male leads on the back of the SWITCH? Please advise, Thanks, Ruben. [REDACTED]

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Manage My Life
Wiring diagrams are an excellent piece of information to have when rewiring any product, like the Century battery charger. Others have asked the same question and has been answered in the link provided below. Hope this helps.
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October 30th, 2012
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