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Kenmore Washer Lid Switch Replacement Model 11026842690, Switch P/N 3949238

I have a 1996 Vintage Kenmore Washer Model 11026842690, I need to replace the Lid Switch P/N 3949238.
I was told I could either get a Manual (NOT Owners Manual, I have that) for doing the service work or at least instructions from this Web Site on taking the top of the washer off to replace my Broken Lid Switch.

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Jerry C

I would like to assist you with your lid lock replacement. It is possible to do yours through the little gap between the basket and the underside of the lid, but it is pretty difficult with the limited space. Instead, pulling the cabinet forward, will give plenty of room to install the new switch.

Be sure to unplug the washer prior to servicing it!

I have attached a diagram that shows which parts to remove, at the end of this reply. There are plastic caps on either side of the control panel, remove these by pulling up and forward on the upper rear of the caps. In the exposed area at the bottom of the control end cap will be a screw. Remove one on each side. The control panel will now be able to be flipped up and back to expose the clips that hold the cabinet on. Use a flat bladed screwdriver inserted into the two metal clips to remove them by prying them out. Be sure that there are no wire connections (lid switch connector) still attached to the cabinet and carefully pull it forward. Be sure to watch

this video

prior to attempting this repair.

Here is a link to your new lid switch.

Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance.

Jerry C
by Jerry C Earned 317 community points in Kenmore
October 31st, 2012
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