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Evcon furnace trouble shooting model DGAT070BDC - ignition module or gas valve

by Manage My Life
November 23rd, 2012

I have checked a couple parts already and need some direction as to the place to look. I have an evcon furnace model DGAT070BDC. I was having trouble with my booster motor running constantly even after the finish of a heating cycle so I took both limit switches and the booster relay in to a furnace place to have them checked. They said my relay was bad so I purchased a new one. They checked my high limits both were good. I put it back together but when I started the process I had not flipped the breaker off yet and had some arching on one of the relay wires. I then finished assembly and now my furnace does not light and the inducer still continues to run. I did take the inducer -booster motor in for a bench test and the cetrifugal switch is fuctioning properly. Not to many parts left to check and could use some help. Im guessing its not the ignitor when I put the testor to either wire it is not energized during the first 5 min. Im thinking it must be an ingition modual or gas valve? Hope you can help. Thanks Ted

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Manage My Life
Good morning.... I can appreciate your concern with winter coming on... I will forward your question to an expert on that model number who will review the matter further. I have provided a link below that may offer some good information for you to consider. Keep in mind that an expert will be in touch with you within the next two business days if not sooner. I wish you the best is this situation and have a nice day
by Manage My Life
November 23rd, 2012
Answered in 12 hours
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