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How to get Seiki TV out of Retail mode

I have a new Seiki TV LED HDTV SE322FS and after going through the intial setup wizard, I think I may have it in the "retail" mode, i.e. very bright colors, etc. Also, some menu items are unavailable, "greyed out" (Picture - Tint and Setup - Advanced can be seen but are greyed out and can't use).

In the intital setup, there was a step to select "retail" or "home" mode and I may have not set it correctly to home mode. Now I can't find a way to get back to the intial setup to correct. Have tried the following suggested by Seiki cust service, with no success: (1) Menu - Setup - Restore Defaults - Yes - Enter; and (2) Unplug TV and antenna overnite, and see if inital setup wizard restarts. Neither worked. I also went to the Sears and the salesman could not provide an answer.

I've noticed on Internet there are various special methods involving certain remote key combinations to get to the Initial setup for other TV brands, but have not found for the Seiki brand.

I need to know how to get to the Intial Setup Wizard so I can select the home mode, or any other way to convert to the home mode? If I can't get it out of Retail mode I will have to return, Thanks!

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December 28th, 2012
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