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Automatic Shut-off on Kenmore 70-pint dehumidifer, Model 52701

by ELAINE BERTMAN Last activity date:
May 30th, 2013

I noticed a small block of styrofoam inserted into the plastic automatic shut-off float mechanism of my Kenmore 70-pint dehumidifier, Model 52701. Was the block of styrofoam meant to stay there (to increase floatation?), or was it temporarily inserted there for shipping purposes? In short, should I leave it in or remove it?

Humidifiers , Kenmore , Appliances
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Answers (2)
Manage My Life
Thank you for using Manage My Life.  It is difficult to distinguish the packing material from other foam or styrofoam parts on an appliance like this.  In this case, do


remove the piece of styrofoam from the float. This helps the float to accurately detect the water level.  Removing it may also cause a leak. Thank you for using Manage My Life.
Answered in 5 hours
by Manage My Life
May 30th, 2013
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Manage My Life
I can understand your concern over the Styrofoam in your dehumidifier. While you are waiting for your expert answer, I did some research on the unit. At this time, I was unable to locate information that would be helpful in regards to your question. Some of these questions that are asked will need specific research and will be answered by an expert with-in two business days but usually sooner.
Answered in 3 minutes
by Manage My Life
May 30th, 2013
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