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Manage My Life

Kenmore washer will not sense and fill,door stays locked.

by Manage My Life Last activity date:
June 30th, 2013

Kenmore washer, Mod: 110.21302010, will not sense load and fill , just sense one time and continues to spin, then green light goes off and red light blinks, door stays locked until unit is unplugged from power.

Kenmore , Washers
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Answers (3)
Manage My Life
Additional Images
Answered in 21 hours
by Manage My Life
June 30th, 2013
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Manage My Life
I know that it can be very frustrating to have issues with your washer. The first thing I recommend is checking for error codes. This washer has a way to recall error codes. If the control detects a problem it will identify it with an error code. I am including this information in a set of images below. These error codes are important to ensure proper diagnosis of your appliance. If you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a Sears technician. Here is a link for the website:

Sears Home Services

. Here is a link that you may use to view the parts list diagram or to purchase any parts needed;

Sears Parts Direct

. Please perform the diagnostic tests detailed here and report back with your findings. Be sure to record any failures and when they occur along with any error codes that are displayed. I hope this helps. If you need further assistance, please reply to this thread. Thank you for using Manage My Life.
Answered in 21 hours
by Manage My Life
June 30th, 2013
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Manage My Life
Having your washer malfunction and display error codes can be a real headache. While you are waiting for your expert answer, I did some research on the unit. At this time, I was unable to locate information that would be helpful in regards to your question. Some of these questions that are asked will need specific research and will be answered by an expert with-in two business days but usually sooner.
Answered in 6 minutes
by Manage My Life
June 29th, 2013
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