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Kenmore Washer Model Number 110.21102011 Will not advance to rinse cycle?

When I start a load of clothes the washing machine will fill up and start the wash cycle, but after the wash cycle completes it trys to advance to the rinse cycle, but fails to advance all the way. You can watch the rinse cycle light come on for a split second, then it the washing machine reverts back to the wash cycle. Sometimes this happens within less than a minute, and other times it will complete the wash cycle then try to advance to the rinse cycle, but continues to revert back to the wash cycle. The diagnostic test works on every cycle. The fault/error codes show F5E1, F5E2, and F8E3. After these fault/error codes, the remaining light that lights up is the F or Fill. I can manually move from wash to spin/drain, but the rinse/drain will only drain without rinsing. I replaced the actuator switch with a new one, but this didn't change anything. The washer still does the exact same thing.

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nilsam nilsam
I was able to get into service mode but not sure how to understand flashing lights
fill flashes and then rinse and cycle complete flashes together
by nilsam nilsam
May 21st, 2014
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