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Samsung 2D Blu-ray Disc® Player with Built-in WiFi
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Samsung 2D Blu-ray Disc® Player with Built-in WiFi

Item# 05757072000P | Model# BD-D5700 | Added on February 11, 2011 | Seller:
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Description Specifications
The 2D Blu-ray Disc Player Brings Clarity Home Slim, sleek and connected, the 2D Blu-ray Disc Player with Built-in Wi-Fi delivers hours of crisp imagery, lighting fast web access and high fidelity sound. A simple yet powerful addition to any entertainment center, this system cuts down on the tangle of wires associated with electronics, while delivering hours of action, adventure and romance.

Featuring Samsung Smart TV™, the 2D Blu-ray disc player with built-in Wi-Fi takes movies, pictures, blogs and navigation from the web to your big screen, giving you access to online content and built-in apps alike, with the touch of a button. And designed to deliver faster load times, quick booting and rapidly responding controls, this system brings you clear images and thrilling stories for years. A solid addition to any home theater, it unlocks sights and sounds from blue ray discs as well as the web. When it’s time to kick back and enjoy some time off, this player delivers. Bring it home and enjoy the rich viewing experience and web connectivity only Samsung has to offer.

  • 2D Blu-ray Disc Player is affordable and easy to install
  • Built-in Wi-Fi cuts down on wires while increasing portability
  • Built-in Samsung Smart TV™ turns your TV into a web-enabled gateway where you can interact, watch, play and share with friends
  • Enhanced picture quality means more vivid video and sharper clarity
  • New graphic user interface is simple to use
  • Fast booting and loading time bring you the
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best blue ray on the market...Samsung no.1



November 28th, 2014 via
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Never worked properly


Blu Ray functionality sucks....always freezes or restarts

June 23rd, 2013 via
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Don't buy if you want to watch Netflix


I have owned this player for about 4 months now. It plays blu-ray discs great but the reason I bought it was for the wireless streaming and apps, especially Netflix. It was easy to set up and it connected to my wireless easily but I found that it would freeze and quit streaming movies while trying to play movies through Netflix. I thought that maybe it was an problem with the internet speed at my house and I was due to upgrade to something faster so I switched from DSL to Cable. Internet download speeds were now aprox 6 times faster but still had the same problem streaming movies through the blu-ray player. I found that when I set my laptop next to the blu-ray and stream the same movie at the same time it works flawlessly through the laptop while stopping on the blu-ray. I do not recommend you buy this player if you intend to stream movies. Also at times it would display a blue screen while trying to stream a movie.The audio was fine but no picture at all.

March 29th, 2012 via
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USB not working


I bought this Blu-ray player in November'2011 after thanks giving.
Until couple of days I saw only Blu-ray disc movies on this.

From couple of days I have been playing video(s) and music/songs using USB port and you know its not working from week. I'm getting Blank kind of GREEN Screen--Nothing displayed, sound was fine. Thinking of taking it to Sears for repair if possible.

But when I play Blu-ray disc its excellent.

March 23rd, 2012 via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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Samsung blu ray player is a great value!


Great price, great product!

February 23rd, 2012 via
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Samsung BD-D5700 Blu-ray DVD surpasses all our expectations!!


<p>I wanted a Blu-ray player that 1) was wireless, and 2) would play movies from Netflix (and play them well).  There are a LOT of conflicting reviews regarding wifi streaming movies movies from Netflix by all brands and models of DVE players; very conflicting, and frankly, discouraging.  But, having read mostly positive reviews about this Blu-ray player I took a deep breath and ordered it from Sears, at a great price I might add.  When it arrived (the very NEXT day, no less!!!) by UPS, I hooked it up (with hopeful anticipation).  Very simple, consisting of plugging it into an electrical outlet and connecting the HDMI cable from our Sony Bravura HDTV--that's it!  We have a cheapie Belkin wireless router, situated right next to the DVD player, that the kids use for their laptops.</p>
<p>I'm no electronical techno-whiz, quite the opposite.  But I did not even need to refer to the user manual to get it all up and running.  Just follow the prompts on the TV; they pop up as soon as the player is powered up.  So simple!  We first played a DVD, and as expected, was excellent (don't have a Blu-ray disc yet).  But on to the good stuff.  The BD-D5700 virtually connected itself to the internet when the &quot;internet&quot; icon on the TV screen is selected.  When that's done, push the &quot;Netflix&quot; button on the remote--that's right, a red button right on the remote!  Up it comes on the TV, with an activation code.  Bottom line, it all went quickly and smoothly.  We selected a TV series episode from &quot;The Office&quot; to view first.  I didn't know what to expect, having read all sorts of horror stories on other web sites about the quality, or lack thereof, regarding streaming movies from Netflix.  But the series came up and WOW!  the picture, sound, everything is simply AWESOME!!  Crisp, crystal-clear picture and sound; smooth, seamless streaming.  It blew me away! </p>
<p>I know we picked the right DVD player; it suits our needs and far surpasses all our expectations.  There are lots of apps included in the player (such as Hulu), and I can't wait to experiment with them.  Thanks, Bob G.</p>

January 11th, 2012 via
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Love it!!


<p>User friendly!  Love the Wi-Fi feature.... very easy to use.</p>

December 29th, 2011 via
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Samsung Blu-ray Player is easy to use


<p>I like the fact that it has built in Wi-Fi so I didn't have to buy an adapter. It was easy to set up and it has apps for Netflix, YouTube, Blockbuster and Vudu. The selection of other apps is okay and hopefully Samsung will be adding more in the future.  The Blu-ray movies look very crisp and clear and the non blu-ray ones are upscaled too.</p>

December 28th, 2011 via
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The Samsung BDD5700 is an excellent choice.


<p>The Samsung BDD5700 is a great Blue-Ray player, with its built-in wifi, no need for an ethernet connection.  Mine works great, so I bought another one, can't beat the price.  The picture quality is excellent and it's easy to set up.  No need for 3D since I only have one 3D tv.  I bought the Samsung BDD6500 3D blue-ray for that, another great product.  You won't be disappointed.</p>

December 19th, 2011 via
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Very happy with this blu-ray player!


<p>I am very happy with this blu-ray player. I orginally bought a Sony blu-ray but had issues with the player not working correctly. After going through two of the Sony players, I decided to give this Samsung blu-ray player a try instead. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and actually like the Samsung model much better than the comparable Sony model.</p>
<p>The player is plug and play and doesnt not require any additional adapters. If you have a HD TV, it only requires a HDMI cable. The set-up wizard was pretty quick and extremely easy to follow, along with easy internet connection set up.</p>
<p>The user interface is GREAT! It is smooth and easy to navigate. There is plenty of content available for the user. Samsung has many apps loaded by default (vudu, netflix, pandora, ect), along with games. I love being able to connect to my netflix account and stream online videos. You can easily browse movies and add them to your instant que. And its so easy to start and stop movies. I also love the vudu app. You can download brand new movies for a couple of dollars each and not have to leave your house. You can choose to watch now or later. If you choose to watch later its very easy to find your movie download. The connection to the apps was so easy and quick to do. There is also a USB plug, which I used to watch a downloaded movie off of a jump drive.</p>
<p>Overall, I am very happy with this blu-ray player and would recommend it to anyone who would like to get a new DVD player and is interested in streaming internet content and music on to their TV.</p>

December 14th, 2011 via | The reviewer indicated they are affiliated with this product
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Okay when it works, but unreliable


<p>This blu ray player is fine when it works. Load times are on the slow side. But, it won't read all disks. Apparently there is a circuit board problem that affects Samsung products accros all their product lines. Google Samsung capacitor and you'll see what I mean. Plus, Samsung doesn't stand behind their products. Wouldn't recommend buying any Samsung products.</p>

December 13th, 2011 via
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Great picture, but technically challenging.


<p>We are pleasd with the DVD player, with the clarity of the picture, and the ability to play our DVD's.  But we are having problems figuring out how to synchronize the remote with the TV and use the other features of the player.  We are going to have to get some help with that.  Admittedly we aren't very tech-savy, so that shouldn't be a criticism of the player.  The instructions are clear but the print is a bit to small for older eyes.  Also it is printed in a 'sans serif' font, which is much more difficult to read than regular fonts like Times New Roman or Century Book.  Otherwise, we feel it is a good product.</p>

November 14th, 2011 via
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Samsung Player with built in WiFi- great unit for the price


<p>I've had this for 6 months, and it performs well. Very easy to set up and found my wireless connection without a hitch. Auto updates every month or so. I use this mostly for streaming Netflix and it has been flawless. I have it paired with a Vizio 32&quot; flat panel in the bedroom and it's perfect. The unit plays DVDs just as well as BRs. I'm actually going to purchase another one for the downstairs TV.</p>

June 7th, 2011 via
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Samsung Blu-Ray built in Wifi


<p>Samsung is a nice product with a reputed brand.</p>
<p>This blue ray DVD plays older DVD and also latest blu-ray DVDs. The coolest feature I liked is the built-in WiFi.</p>
<p>I am using this to view movie the traitional way by playing a DVD movie, or by connecting to NetFlix and streaming though my online account</p>
<p>So far no issues</p>
<p> </p>
<p> </p>

April 12th, 2011 via
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This Samsung Blu-ray Player is great!


<p>We purchased this player to replace an old VCR/DVD in one player that started messing up. This is an awesome player. Picture quality is wonderful! We really enjoy the apps that are already loaded on the player. It was easy to hook up to wireless router. It's not a 3D player, but we watched a 3D movie on it last week, and it was the best 3D movie I've ever watched on a tv. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that sometimes it turns itself on which automatically switches my tv to the player's HDMI port. It's only when I'm turning the tv on though. I've not looked in the manual yet to see if it can be fixed in the settings. Hopefully it can. If not, just a little bit aggravating.</p>

April 4th, 2011 via
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