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Samsung 3.7 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Front-Load Steam Washer, Red
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Samsung 3.7 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Front-Load Steam Washer, Red

Item# 02633329000P | Model# WF331ANR | Added on June 29, 2012
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Description Specifications
This Samsung washing machine uses the power of steam to deep-clean fabrics and remove stains. It's large-capacity, high-efficiency water use and ENERGY-STAR rating mean you can do larger loads (and thus fewer loads) while using less water and energy than a standard washer.
Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) provides smooth operation at high spin speeds, significantly reducing vibration and noise while improving the handling of unbalanced loads. Low vibration means you can install it on the second story or near bedrooms.

  • This washer features a total capacity of 3.7 cu. ft. for accomodating large loads.
  • Vibration reduction technology helps to prevent imbalanced loads and noise.
  • the steam cycle is a powerful cycle that removes tough stains and set-in dirt.
  • The washer drum interior is equipped with small, diamond-shaped drain holes to reduce fabric damage and an internal water heater.
  • Care for your fabrics properly by using the detergent, bleach and fabric softener dispensers which mix the selected cleaning agent with water before being introduced to the clothes.
  • 11 preset wash cycles give you enough options to effectively clean all types of laundry.
  • Save time cleaning with PureCycle™, the self-cleaning cycle. 
  • Other wash options include, delay start-up to 24 hours, pre wash, custom program, extra rinse and spin only.
  • Cycle options include eco cold wash, stain care and
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Most Helpful Reviews:

2 found this review helpful
by TRM333
August 30th, 2011
love it!

I have never written a review of a product before but when I was shopping for a washer I read reviews to help me make a decision so I felt that I really need to reciprocate. I love this washer. this is the perfect appliance for working moms and dads. I can throw in a wash and set it for about an hour before I get home from work and it's ready to be put in the dryer when I get home. No sitting around wet for hours getting musty. I also like that it is so large. I have a large dryer so I can now do a load of laundry that is much larger than what I had previously. We recently lost power for just under 48 hours due to hurricane Irene so I had a lot of clothes piling up and I was able to do 2 loads this morning and it's done. I can't recommend it enough! good luck with your search :)

1 found this review helpful
by kjmbb
September 7th, 2011
Samsung VRT WF331AN

The washer cleans fairly well, but the lack of water and minimal soap needed affects it's ability to remove odors. If you have any athletes that sweat, or have arm pit perspiration odor you wish to have removed with a washing, I suggest a different washer. Additionally, you ALWAYS need an EXTRA rinse cycle to remove the soap every time you do a load. Otherwise a soap "film" left is left the clothing. Also, on some cycles you can program in "cold" for the water temp, and "hot" will be distributed. There is an inability to change some things on certain cycles, but on others it you change it to "cold" it appears it accepts the program, however "hot" water is used.

Note: I have tried several different HE soaps, pre-washing, and different cycles to no avail for perspiration odor removal. This is not my first front loader, the first one I had used more water and you could use more soap, I never had a problem with odors or being able to rinse out the soap.

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I purchased this machine 2 years ago and it never really "cleaned" the clothes to our satisfaction. Not sure why that is, about 6 months ago we started having problems with the door closing. We now cannot wash clothes because the door will not close. Even the sales woman told us that the one we replaced was a better model and this would not last as long. However, for the price of this machine it should last longer than 2 years. I will never purchase another front loading machine again because of this piece of ****.

April 13th via
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Rachel Parrott

Laundry for the technophile


I love all of the different wash options, even though I only use about four of them. The customizable settings make doing laundry much better. And my water bill went down too!

October 31st, 2012
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This wash machine has exceeded my expectations


This wash machine is excellent. It has far exceeded my expectations. Laundry comes out super clean and smells great. I actually enjoy doing laundry. This is one of the best purchases I've made in a long time. It's hard to believe it is energy efficient to boot!

July 14th, 2012 via
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Completely Happy After 6 months Use


I worried about buying a front load washing machine due to reports of vibration, smelly clothes, moldy gaskets, not enough water to wet clothes etc. 6 months ago I bought a red Samsung model WF331ANR steam front load washing machine for only $539 at Friends & Family Sale; installed on tiled 1st floor laundry room with basement below. No problems from day 1. Old stains gone after washing in new machine using Tide w/bleach alternative HE detergent. Can't wait for another sale to get the matching red drier

July 2nd, 2012 via
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Unbelievably quiet, efficient, and powerful!


OK, I love red , so I think they are aesthetically beautiful, fascinating the more you learn about the intricacies of the very specific cycles and what they actually mean. True value, incredibly quiet- almost inaudible, and a SUPER time saver and $ saver- once I learned how to use properly..oh yeah, and terrifically clean clothes..Amazing!

May 22nd, 2012 via
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Spin fails after 5 months.


To think Sears will not take this back after paying alot of money for this purchase. I hope Samsung makes it right. Shop your local appliance store to get best back-up post-purchase.

May 6th, 2012 via
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Just bought this washer and matching dryer, I love it so much!! It got every bit of dirt and grass stain out of jeans and And white baseball pants!! The color is just beautiful, the clothes are so much brighter and smell so good when they come out of the washer!! I love the steam feature, I do way less laundry now!! Wish i had these 10 yrs ago!! I highly recommend these!! I use the SAMs brand members mark detergent and Tide stain release!! They do take a while to wash but that depends on the setting you use and you know when they come they WILL be clean!!!!

April 29th, 2012 via
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samsung Front-Load Steam Washing machine


I love this machine. I love the way it looks in my laundry room and most of
all, I love how it cleans my clothes and saves on water.

April 10th, 2012 via
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my samsung front-load steam washer has been running nonstop....


we have had a lot of laundry to catch up on and this washer has lived up to expectations... with a child who has accidents and the normal laundry of a family of 5 , I find that I am still catching up and the Samsung Front-load Steam Washing Machine 3.7 cubic feet, is powerful and every setting does the job expertly. I am very happy i purchased this product and the dryer that matches as well. we had the Samsung Front-load Steam Washing Machine 3.7 cubic feet installed as well as the Samsung Front-load Steam Dryer.

April 5th, 2012 via
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Decent washer, but poor design


<p>I bought this washer for our new home and have been using it for about three weeks.  It does clean well and is fairly quiet.  Surprisingly, I am quite fond of the cheery little song the machine plays when it's done it's cycle.  However, there are some serious drawbacks to this machine.</p>
<p>The main issues is that it holds water in places it shouldn't - in the gasket around the washer and in the detergent drawer.  After each use I have to dry out the gasket with a towel, soaking up a lot of water and even have to slide the towel between the gasket and the machine to get the water.  Then I have to pull the detergent drawer out completely and empty over a quarter cup of water out of it.</p>
<p>In addition, it doesn't take large loads of clothes.  If I put more than two or three jeans in at a time the washer won't do the spin cycle.  It's very frustrating and makes me have to do more loads than I would otherwise.</p>
<p>These problems aren't severe enough for me to return it, and the machine does a good job of cleaning my clothes and dealing with my very long hair that somehow seems to end up everywhere.  However, if I had known about these issues I wouldn't have purchased this model.</p>

February 27th, 2012 via
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So far so good


<p>I searched for a washer for a while after having a GE for 5 years and the bearings went.  I read a lot of reviews so it was a toss up between the LG or Samsung.  I went with the Samsung because it was on sale.  The problem with this machine it is not good with small loads.  It has a hard time balancing when it comes to the spin cycle.  So now I make sure I have a good amount of clothes in the washer. I am pleased with the way it cleans my clothes.  I love that there is no vibration on the high spin. I just hope this one last longer than 5 years..</p>

February 12th, 2012 via
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UPDATE - Service done and problem corrected.


If you want to beat the life out of your clothes and have excessive fade of clothing then this is the washer for you. We have washed on normal and heavy duty with OK cleaning results...the only problem is cottons show pilling, colors have fade and overall clothes look beaten-up. We use delicate cycle for everything now and this corrects those problems (we live with this because we only used one cycle on our previous washer). Still leaves us with one problem - wetter than normal clothes. We are not first time frontload washer owners and did not expect this problem. We would recommend looking for another washer.

January 11th, 2012 via
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returned 2 units due to lack of spinning


<p>We were very happy with this washer except for a consistent problem with our original purchase of a red one and then with a white replacement:  not spinning much during regular laundry cycles.  It would start to speed up, then stop and reverse direction slowly for a while, then reverse direction again and start to speed up, then stop and repeat that pattern.  This apparently is how the washer tries to balance the load so it spins without too much shaking, but this pattern would go on for ~20 minutes and then the cycle would end with the clothes still wet.  If we then pushed the spin button for several seconds (a handy feature), it would spin normally and the clothes would be dry.</p>
<p>I called Samsung support, and they said the washer tries to balance the load before spinning during one of the regular laundry cycles, but does not try to balance it during the spin-only cycle.  A warning is supposed to occur if the load is unbalanced, but the warning never happened.  The manual says small loads may need to have more laundry added, like towels, so the load can even out, and that seemed to work.  However, our last 2 loads were more than half full, and neither one spun correctly.  So we decided this is a design flaw since it happened with two units and returned them within 30 days.  Sears gave us a good deal on trading them in for another brand, as we had bought these at an exceptional sale price.  We found we didn't use the steam cycle as our clothes don't get that dirty, so traded for a Kenmore made by LG, Sears item #2640272.</p>
<p>I complement Sears on going the extra distance to satisfy us regarding the purchase.</p>

January 11th, 2012 via
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Love my Samsung steam washer


<p>Searched for awhile, looked at different washers. I found this model on sale at another store, but Sears has such a great price match policy that i could not resist.</p>
<p>Don't know why i didn't buy a front loader before, absolutely love it.</p>

December 29th, 2011 via
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I love mine out with the Maytag and in with the Samsung !


The expensive Maytag top loader with the glass lid, lasted two years and gave me nothing but grief. I gave it away when it stopped last time just to be done with it. Samsung has been so good with other products in our home. I love this set. My daughter comes in frequently to wash her clothes too and loves how the steam gets the stains out as she has a boarding barn. I have no problems just good results .. oh I have four dogs in my home too, I wash three loads day at least.

December 15th, 2011 via
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The Samsung washer can't be turned on after two years


<p>??My Samsung washer could not be powered on anymore after 2 years (it's a 2009 model)! I called Samsung and Samsung provided a contact number in the area. I called that number and they weren't able to come out immediately. When the came came out, a week later, they said it was due to the power supply. They had to order a replacement and was able to come back only 2 week later. After replacing the power supply, the washer still refused to work. So the new theory was the controller board was defective. They told us they would be able to come back for another week. By then it would be four weeks of dirty clothes piled up arond the house so we decided to give up on trying to get the unit repair - throughout our experience, we didn't feel confident the machine could be repaired.</p>
<p>Don't waste your $$ on Samsung washer as it's too expensive and but reliability isn't at all there.</p>
<p> </p>

December 9th, 2011 via
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Samsung Washer has major issue!


<p>This washer does not always spin the water out of the clothes.  I had it for 6 days before I had to call service.  It left more water in the laundry than the 30 year old top loader I just got rid of.  I have sold appliances for several years, I know what they should and shouldn't do.  Samsung told me that my problem was not recurring and that they wouldn't even send out service to look at the machine because it was normal.  I was told that I should manually balance the washer in the middle of the spin cycle!  RIDICULOUS!  I think that twice in the first 6 days of owning the machine is recurring enough.  I looked online further at reviews and found out that a LOT of people have had the exact same problem.  This was not purchased at Sears.  The retailer was great, the product and customer service from Samsung was awful!  I do not recommend purchasing this product!</p>

December 3rd, 2011 via
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Had first service call 5 weeks after purchase


<p>Had my first service call today. Electronic readout said &quot;nf&quot; which means not filling properly. It was installed by Sears. I sure hope this isn't a piece of ****. If you google  NF on Samsung your eyes will be opened. When I asked for a technician to come out the service &quot;specialist&quot; offered me a free estimate on any home improvement i'd like to make. Sheesh. I just want an appliance to work for more than 5 weeks without a service call. Buyer beware.</p>

November 30th, 2011 via
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<p>washer was sold to me as a good choice but they don't tell you front load washers are only recommended for cement floor installs. washer has a sever shake during spin cycle between 230-330rpm. tech says he has never seen one so bad but his superiors tell him it is acceptable...Not for my hard earned money-it is going back and the tech agrees with my decision.</p>
<p>Other then it sounding like a semi tractor pulls up along side my living room window (complete other end of a large house) it is a great washer. We can hear the spic cycle over our home theater during a movie. The floor is sound that it was installed on and we even added more plywood for more strength under the washer.</p>
<p>Of course sears don't want to take it back-they start their speel about front loads needing to be on cement and everything but they don't tell you any of that before you buy...</p>

November 30th, 2011 via
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Samsung washer broke on the fourth load of clothes


I had only washed three loads of clothes on the fourth the spin cycle would not work. The latch on the door was not installed properly and seemed to be missing a part. It took two hours to wash. Am not sure if that is normal since I only got to use it three times. They are coming to pick it up because I do not want to gt thru the hassel of service. my laundry is piling up and I worry that they will fix that and somethng else will go wrong.

November 29th, 2011 via
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