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"Want lots of Hello Kitty things!!!"
"Wife, Mother, Student, Sears Employee, Staff Pro Employee"
"Harley Rider - Estate sale business"
"Day Trader"
"God, Family, Business!"
"simple yet misunderstood"
"I am married to my best friend, Nicholas Pena, Jr and we have 2 kids, a little boy named Cayden and a little girl named Irelynn."
"Mom of 4."
"Married with seven kids. I have 4 that live at home and three that do not"
"I am a HUGE "ASS" Nicki Minaj CORE Fan!!! I am very blunt I will tell you how it is, if you like it cool, if you dont bye. Thats my motto. "
"If it's free, it's me!"
"Work hard... Play hard!!! <3"