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"Believer. Wife. Mama. Blogger. Home-Schooler. Money-Saver. Life-Shaper. Laundry-Changer. Dinner-Burner. Butcher. Baker. Candlestick Maker."
"I mom of 3 that made a major move across country for work. "
"stuff and things"
"happy to be alive living life to the fullest"
"i'm a pretty cool chick"
"I am a stay at home mom of a beautiful baby boy! "
"all about my family immediate and extended"
"I´m only me"
"The Rose that grew from contret"
"I like spending time with my family and friends."
"Life's a Beach"
"I am a mid minnesotan, married with 4 grown sons, and 5 grandchildren."
"Proud and strong single mother!"
"News and social media junkie who loves to travel when I can. "
"I'm retired Air Force, my husband is also retired Air Force. We have 3 beautiful daughters. "
"not applicable"
"Puerto Rican"
"I am a mother of 3 daughters and have 5 grandchildren. I am self-employed and also a Independent Pampered Chef Consultant."
"Hard working Mom of two life is just now getting good"
"I am 65, retired. One granddaughter"
"I am an Event/Activity Coordinator / Planner"
"Chilled and layed back"
"Happily married with 4 kids. Spoiled housewife lol."