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"Short and sassy!"
"I love to shop "
"I am a Lutheran Pastor in Pennsylvania. Originally from WV. I love nature, feeding the birds, watching wildlife and cats."
"Author, Speaker and Coach"
"Active middle aged man who was a child of the 80s"
"I lived in the very small, but lovely, town of Livingston,"
"we have a beauitful daughter"
"im me."
"I love to see others smile and laugh, it's a beautiful site to see when someone is truly happy. "
"nascar, buckeye's,beer"
"Currently disabled, SAHM. "
"I'm a 29 yr old married for ten years, mother of 4. We have 10 pets we adore"
"I work hard on my job and in the community. I love my family!"
"I'm just a midwestern lady who loves coffee."
"I love spending time with my partner and his dog."
"I am a work at home husband with a daughter in college. I enjoy learning new things and cooking. "
"addicted to shopping"
"enjoying everyday life"
"I am a house wife"
"House wife "
"I'm 24. I'm a student at the University of Alabama majoring in General Business & a mother to 1 sweet and handsome little boy."
"Mom of Many"
"I'm a working mom of 2. I like bowling, movies, and reading."
"I love to shop. I'd love to shop for you!"
"Mother of 4"
"Avid Crafter... love to see something I like in a store or magazine and then try to make it myself. "
"Love God,books,organics,crafts,esp crochet,nature,Greensboro and family"
"birding is my favorite hobby"
"I am a volunteer with GO Boxer Rescue. I help rescue & foster Boxers & place them in loving homes. I also help out by doing home visits ..."
"Love winning things!"
"Love to shop, read, and play games."
"I'm a very eclectic woman who enjoys soaking up all of life's flavors and colors! Follow me on Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, etc. @MashaT22"
"I like to cook, bake, quilt, and garden. We have a small hobby farm where we raise beef cattle and pumpkins"
"Love life"
"A Stay-At-Home Dad"
"fun loving"
"I love to listen to music and of course I'm a Huge WWE fan but I do watch other shows though. "
"I'm a hard working Christian. Who is busy daily."
"Married with four kids and seven grandhildren"
"AmeriCorps Alumni"
"I'm a MTF transgendered woman"
"Wife and mom of 3 awesome kids!"