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myrlmike trost
how can I shop using upc numbers
by myrlmike trost 
3 days ago
Tags: Clothing
Lucy Keeney
Enter the whole UPC number so that you have 12 digits typed in the search bar.
Answered in 19 hours
by Lucy Keeney |
2 days ago
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myrlmike trost
please show upc 05107532594
by myrlmike trost 
3 days ago
tiffney johnson
I'm not sure what you're asking. If you are trying to look up an item Sears carries online. It's better to use these numbers. If you have the item there should be the letter K follow by some numbers. You can key in those numbers except for the dash number. You can also put in the stock number the letter M on the tag follow by the numbers except for the last three. I hope that helps I work at Sears.
Answered in 21 hours
by tiffney johnson |
2 days ago
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I would like to Buy wranglers reg fit size 36x34 you do not carry inseam 34 anymore?
15 days ago
Kira Schermerhorn
Hello. Thank you for writing in. This is a very good question. I have found a pair of wranglers jeans on that come in a 34 inseam. I have listed the link below.

I hope this helps you. Have a great day.
Answered in 5 hours
by Kira Schermerhorn |
14 days ago
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PAT pmorganink
Is there a size chart for these products?
by PAT pmorganink 
18 days ago
Hi Pat,
I was unable to find a specific size chart for the Everlast intimate apperal on the Everlast web site of This web site does have a few size charts for women's appearal.
Answered in 2 hours
18 days ago
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