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mr snyder
5 days ago
Answered in 5 hours
Sara Maxwell
No, apparel is strictly clothing. There are seperate coupons for footwear.
By Sara Maxwell
5 days ago
Marilyn Robinson
5 days ago
Answered in 11 minutes
Stephanie  Personal Shopper Concierge
I think the best option you're looking for would be a tunic. Tunics are generally longer and can be worn over jeans or leggings or even Capri pants in the summer. One of the first things I look for when purchasing a shirt is the link to because I like them longer as well. Do you have a free personal shopper? If not I'd love to help you out. You can sign up with me here... Then I can create a catalog just for you with the type of things you are looking for.
Have a great day,
Stephanie, Personal Shopper Concierge
Lisa Stark
21 days ago
Answered in 10 minutes
Lisa Stark
Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a special Valentine's Discount from Kevin Christiana, the Adam Levine Collection creative director!

Get 35% off Adam Levine denim thru 2/14/15 with code KEVINAMA. The code can be used on either or
By Lisa Stark
21 days ago
Georgiana Zicari
23 days ago
Answered in 7 hours
Floral mixed with camo swim trunks, printed tank tops, and light wright cotton Hawaiian shirts. Make sure to mix some solids in there so he doesn’t look like a allover print campaign
By K C
23 days ago
Nazarene Harrold
23 days ago
Answered in 6 minutes
betty crawford
The news I'm hoping for is that pants that reveal the crack when a young lady moves around are out, and that midriff shirts are out, because too many ladies wear them that look really bad in them. In short, I would like modesty to make a come back.
By betty crawford
23 days ago
Lisa Stark
24 days ago
Answered in 11 hours
Cathy G
Hi Lisa,
I am sorry we do not have access to any information on whether Sears will be taking the new collection on the road.
By Cathy G
24 days ago