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Melody ThomasMayes
What is the diameter of the bottom of the 10 qt.pressure cooker?
by Melody ThomasMayes 
4 days ago
scott d
Hello Melody and thank you for your question. The dimensions for this pressure cooker are as follows:
Height 18.0 in
Width 12.0 in
Weight 11 lbs
Depth 11.5 in
These are the only dimensions listed. I hope this will help you.
Answered in 12 hours
by scott d
4 days ago
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Nagaraju Yerramsetty
I am not seeing 10$ in bonus points even though checkout applied my coupon
by Nagaraju Yerramsetty 
12 days ago
Jennifer Sanzo
Sometimes there is a little bit of delay - has it been 24 hours?
Answered in 23 minutes
by Jennifer Sanzo
12 days ago
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how long are the points good for? Foxene Everidge
March 12th
Hi! Base points are valid for 1 year from date of purchase. Bonus Points and offers are usually much shorter. Sometimes points expiration info is available when you click the tab "Rewards Points" in the upper right corner. If you click on "View your account history" it will sometimes show if you have special points that have been added to your account that have a short time in which to use them. Surprise points offers can be seen by clicking on "Rewards Points" then the orange letters "See all". Also, if you are a SYWR Bonus Member and opted-in to receive emails at your regular email address from SYWR they will usually send you an email if you have points that are getting ready to expire. If you are a SYW Bonus member they also often show your points info on e-receipts and other emails. Keep an eye on your "Home" page, too, because those points expire fairly soon. Points info is also on your receipt when buying in store. Hope that helps!
by Millie
March 18th
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Kenmore mod. 79074332310 gas range: Middle oval-shaped burner has a metal grille above. Is there an interchangeable griddle to fit in place of grill?
March 11th
scott d
Hello Richard and thank you for your question. This range is not showing to have an interchangeable griddle to use in place of the center grill. I'm attaching a link you can access that will show some ranges with a center griddle that you can check. . I hope this will help you.
Answered in 9 hours
by scott d
March 11th
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tom gibson
how do you remove the front panel of a kenmore elite dishwasher 465.13323600
by tom gibson 
March 9th
Fred M
Thank you for your question. From the model number You have a Dish Drawer model. The front panel can be removed by first turning the power off to the unit. On the underside of the front panel are two screws. Remove them. With the screws removed slide the panel down and pull out to remove. This will allow you access to the main control if needed. If you reply with more detail about the particular problem you are having I may be able to offer more assistance.
Answered in 45 minutes
by Fred M
March 9th
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Judy Morrow
i need my daugther Karen Morrow to pick up my packet.
by Judy Morrow 
March 9th
mike ling
Ok Gang...I got my shipping notice on 8 MAR. Since then no shipping updates, no emails from Devin, no due diligence in Je1w9r4 explaining the delays...and I'm starting to get ticked because of the $125 hole in my pocket for the last ten months. Some of you have yours and I'm happy for you. But enough is enough.Fish Insulin ELISA Kit
by mike ling
March 11th
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yesterday I purchased tfal cookware,at that time it was showing 17,211 points earned but in my account there are only 12211.May I know the reason.
March 9th
Hi! If part of those points were "Bonus Points" sometimes it takes bonus points a few extra days to process and post to your account. If you are still not seeing them a few days after your base points post call the SYWR Customer Service at 1-800-991-8708, 8 AM-11PM CST, 7 days a week, except for certain holidays.
Choose the option that lets you talk to a Representative. They are usually very helpful and polite. Hope that helps!
Answered in 23 hours
by Millie
March 9th
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Beverly Deane
how long should it take for my kenmore induction oven to preheat?
by Beverly Deane 
March 6th
scott d
Beverly, I can understand your concern about the preheat time. In some models it is possible to take approximately 20 - 30 minutes to preheat. Depending on the model, some will alternate the broil and bake elements, which will heat it up faster. If the broil element fails, it will take longer. If this model just uses a hidden bake feature to preheat, it can take awhile also. If the oven section is gas, it could be an ignition problem. For more specific information about your range, please reply with the complete model number and we will be glad to assist you further. I hope this will help you.
Answered in 38 minutes
by scott d
March 6th
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