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"shopper, mom, analyst"
"Assistant Store Manager of Store Support Team"
"Finding Great Bargins"
"I am a simple person with clear thinking"
"crunchy environmentalist farmer homesteader who lives in the suburbs"
"Just one great big happy family!!! (most of the time ;-)) Time goes by so fast... cherish every moment! "
"I'm a working mom of 2. I like bowling, movies, and reading."
"I love the country and being in my yard.. have all the things for entertaining the kids, tranpline , swimming pool , scooter ect. "
"Married and have 1 daughter and work full time."
"fun family orientated female"
"i work hard I'm a packer in a cookie factory"
"I am Married have a 20 year old son, I dont work stay home mother. I love to get on computer to play shop your way rewards"
"Here lies John Bunn. He was killed by a gun. His name was not Bunn but Wood. But Wood would not rhyme with gun but Bunn would. "
"Professional Financial Member Service Manager; Nationally Published Poet, Author; LGBTQ Gay Community Advocate & Nice Guy."
"love penguins"
"love to travel; like road trips; like to cook; enjoy reading; spending time with my family"
"Professional in the Quality Management and Engineering fields."
"Teacher Assistant"