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"collect Coins, Love romantic novels"
"mom, gram, lover of life"
"Nature; Birding, Feeding Fish, Beaches, Rivers, Dominos, UNO, Pets (2 dogs & a cat). Love children/grandchildren, Service Dogs"
"like to ride my motorcycle trike with passengers"
"Just someone who likes to save money, since money always seems tight. Someday it will get better! It always does!"
"I love Sears and dogs!"
"I have two grown children and 3 grandchildren, a 12 year old grandson and a set of twins that are 5 years old, a boy and girl."
"Still think my hubby is sexy after 44 years. Live in central Indiana.. marrie sine 2/6/71"
"ROCKS, Photography, Belive in the Living JESUS"
"Happily married forever to the best guy in the world"
"I'm just your average person."
"Zen Master"
"Easy going,Fun to be around,Laid Back,...Like to float in my pool in the summer and get some sun,w/a frosty drink!"
"Disabled worker, wife, mother, nana. Always on the lookout for the best bargain!"
"Finding Great Bargins"
"I love my family and spening time with them. I love gardening and fishing . "
"Redlands #1 Couponer and blogger saving you money everywhere you go!!"
"living large"
"I am ambitious about making a successful career concerning my writing capabilities."
"I love my God and family"
"Sweeps fanatic."
"Professional Financial Member Service Manager; Nationally Published Poet, Author; LGBTQ Gay Community Advocate & Nice Guy."
"I LOVE to save money!"
"I love to help everyone sucessfully shop!"
"I love dogs and dolphins. I hate mean people, racists, bigots, etc."
"wife mother grandmother homeschool teacher disabled"
"stay home mom"
"SYW Shopper"
"Great Grandmother"
"just turned 50"
"Love being alive . Love being a wife mother and grandmother.. Homeschooling my youngest child..I stay home most of the time due to ..."
"Good hearted, like to meet new people, my family is my pride and joy. "
"Retired single Navy guy moving to North Carolina this summer"
"Love couponing,sweepstakes,Freebies.."
"single white female"
"love to shop"
"I like the SYW website."
"Christian lady mother of five and a grandmother of thirteen. I'm disabled cause by Fibromyalgia and other medical conditions."
"I'm disabled which doesn't stop me for living my life. I have a biological daughter getting her masters, adopted son and adopted daughter. "
"Out going guy that loves to have fun and be outdoors. When im not outside i like playing games and cooking."
"Happy Married Mother of 3. Earthly children Autumn, Trevor and One Heavenly Angel Conner. I like to cook, read, and spend time with family."
"Live at HC 61 Box 44-A, Mabie, West Virginia, 26278"
"Sweeps, cooking, Gardening, Shopping, Contest"
"I'm fun, quiet. I lobe to go camping and I love to fish. I love to watch baseball!"
"I am single mother of two girls and I love to play sweepstakes and spend time with my children."
"Wife and mother of 3 and 5 granddaughters"
"Technology savvy consumer, Ecommerce enthusiast, Avid bookworm"
"I am a very motivated individual who loves to help everyone around her. "
"Mom of 4 looking for great deals!!!!!!!!!"
"Hello, and have a Great day today"
"Mom to 2 girls! Love nature and the outdoors!"
"im just me.. ; )"
"jewelry making"
"I'm mischievous "
"Married father of 3"
"I am a new entrepreneur that is looking to spread her wings as I conquer my location independence dream. I love to shop, save and help ..."
"i am a very proud mother and grandmother."
"mother, wife, sister,nurse"
"contractor and tool nut"