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"I am a microbiologist"
"Finding Great Bargins"
"Love Dogs and Shopping at my Local Sears"
"I have a passion for fashion and I want to help you find exactly what they are looking for."
"I Love My Kmart Family at 7372"
"Love to share the hope of Jesus Christ."
"Retired US army"
"love to dance AND LOVE MY MAMA"
"I love Sears and dogs!"
"Enjoys being with my family, traveling, shopping"
"Loving Life!"
"Call me Dee, I am about saving money and time, that is why I am here to help you! I'm not into sales, I've got a keen sense of style and ..."
"I have 6 children 2 boys & 4 girls!!!"
"Love landscaping"
"Savvy shopper who searches for deals and bargains every day!"
"i'm a waitress."
"I like to cook, reading, Anglo-Saxon history."
"Love outdoors, cruising, trying new things"
"Good hearted, like to meet new people, my family is my pride and joy. "
"Im Bless"
"I walk in my victory!"
"I'm a mom, wife, and daughter... family comes first and then comes Sugar... my mom's puppy dog. "
"Complete the About Me portion of your Shop Your Way profile and press "Save" when done. "
"I work for the best company in the world I am blessed to work with such amazing people everyday!!!"
"I am an adult college student and I have two beautiful children who are my life!"
"Sweeps, cooking, Gardening, Shopping, Contest"
"I am Married have a 20 year old son, I dont work stay home mother. I love to get on computer to play shop your way rewards"
"Professional Financial Member Service Manager; Nationally Published Poet, Author; LGBTQ Gay Community Advocate & Nice Guy."
"I Love my Leechburg Kmart!!!"
"Somehow, I still think most of the world is ok!"
"Love fashion and would love to design clothes some day and be famous in hollywood ;)"
"123 any stree"
"I am a mother of 2 boys and have 1 grandaughter. I am a nurse and I love what I do "
"I'm an avid reader "