Pop! Television: Firefly by Funko

FUNKO PRESS: "You can never have enough Firefly in your life! In follow up to our ReAction Figures Firefly line - we bring you the beloved sci-fi gang as a Pop! series. These Pop!'s are a darling take on the classic Serenity crew! Shiny! Available in ...

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24 days ago
Film-scale Serenity Replica Costs as Much as a Nice Used Car

Back in July, I talked about an awesome film-scale Serenity model that was on display from QMx. A lot of people got all hot and bothered at the thought of owning that model. If you were…

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October 18th
Firefly Clue Helps Find Who Sold out River

I love it when old-fashioned board games are gussied up with some new features and aimed at fans of various TV shows. Take this Firefly Clue board game. But this time you’re not looking for who…

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October 10th
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September 26th
January 4th, 2013
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