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"Student, interested in movie and outdoor sport."
"Love to go camping at the beach."
"all about my family immediate and extended"
"I´m only me"
"Puerto Rican"
"I am a grandmother to three. A step-mom to two and a wife to one."
"Love Family, Friends and my Birds"
"Im a cool person"
"I love to go boating"
"I am a family man, an electrician, a former musician, and toy collector."
"I Love My Kmart Family at 7372"
"I am beautiful, genius IQ level wickedly smart, funny, and an all around nice person."
"I'm just me."
"alone and lonely, old"
"Just here for some great shopping and sweeps!"
"Stanislaus County CA. I love being a mom. Love cooking and entertaining. I am honest and love giving my opinion to different issues."
"Housewife with lot of creativity always on my mind.."
"i'm a pretty cool chick"
"I'm poor and I need to win some stuff"
"Shop Your Way Guru!"
"just ME!"
"Brevity is the soul of wit."