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Everything you need from table setting to gift giving

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"I laugh at stupid things, I spend way to much time online, and I have a [major] obsession with the 50's style"
"I love my grand kids."
"I'm 26. I love my cats. I love to cook read and craft. "
"avid couponer, photography and family are my interest. Love to sing"
"Grandmother of 17 and love being creative."
"Im from puerto rico,christian love to help others,love live "
"Just a disabled, stay at home mama that home schools."
"married ,have onedaughter"
"Tasha. 21 years old and in a relationship. Good people good times and good food are what life is all about. "
"bargain lover"
"Wife, Mother, Work Full Time, Love Rat Terriers and Golden Retrievers, Camping, Hiking "
"Average homeowner learning the joys of maintaining a home built in the 1800s."
"loves to cook"
"Stay at home mom"
"U.S. Navy Vetran working at Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Montana."
"I am unemployed at this moment but looking for a job that suits my passion for arts and crafts."
"single mom of twins......all you need to know"
"happy with life"
"retired due to injury"
"I love diy projects "