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"I love gardening and shopping..."
"I love animals, nature, photography and last but not least Surprise Points! LOL "
"rescued the youngest missing child in us history,tennessee colonel,kentucky colonel"
"out going person. Love making quilts, out doors stuff and loves kids."
"birding is my favorite hobby"
"Just getting a feel for the area"
"Retired and Lovin' It"
"Good hearted try to be a good role model for my kids"
"My favorite hobby is postcard collecting."
"Living Life "
"Grew up farming, now I'm a computer nerd. Go figure!"
"I'm a disabled veteran very limited income trying to win things because i cant afford to buy them, So this was a good way to get something"
"i am a very proud mother and grandmother."
"I am a married mom of 3 boys who loves helping people make the most of their money!"
"I walk in my victory!"
"Mother of 5"
"I am 33 years old and have three children and i love to shop"
"Professional Financial Member Service Manager; Nationally Published Poet, Author; LGBTQ Gay Community Advocate & Nice Guy."
"About Me"
"love to spend lots of time on the computer"
"Life is like a box of chocolates....yanope....i got dealt more than one lemon.....and now i am making lemonaide."
"Sweeps, cooking, Gardening, Shopping, Contest"
"disabled vet,"
"My name is Jenny Haas my two sons are Nick and Dillon Haas "
"Mother, grandmother, great grandmother"
"animal caretaker"
"Teacher Assistant"