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"homemaker, caretaker, wife, mom"
"I'm a working mother of 2 beautiful girls!"
"Author, Speaker and Coach"
"I am a wife and a mother of 2 boys. I enjoy singing, playing piano. church, going to the beach, collecting seashells, angels and butterflies"
"Im awesome!"
"Im me"
"I am a stay at home mom. I have a blog, a cat and a fish :)"
"I like the outdoors, movie, cooking, music"
"Love sweepstakes & yard sales"
"mom to 2 beautiful young women who gave me two beautiful grandaughters"
"What do I put here. What is the point of this?"
"i like fishing"
"Cars, food, and family!"
"Save that money! "
"Buffallo Chicken Bites fried in peanut oil - Yummy!"
"I'm awesome"
"I'm just me. Trying to find a quick get rich scheme or win some prizes to sustain me."
"enjoying everyday life"
"Working mom 1 child married."
"Love winning things!"
"I am a college grad and stay at home mom to my seven year old Autistic daughter."
"Love life"
"there's not much to me. I like to relax and have a good time"
"My name's Brittany. I'm 23 years old engaged to a wonderful man, and have a gorgeous Richardson's 2 years old. "
"love to help people love camping fishing biking and many more,i'm trying to raise money at it's called cora's fund "
"Like to shop "
"Mom of two"
"I love to draw, help others around me, work, babysit and mostly always keep myself occupied. "
"Family is evrything"
"i love hummingbirds alot"
"I am a stay at home, work from home mom. I love my family and try to put them first. "
"im a mommy who loves to run my business with SCENTSY"
"I am a Patient living with MS but loving life .."
"I love the LORD!"
"I am a stay at home mom who loves to crochet and craft and am very passionate about volunteering in my community"
"Im very in to saveing money"
"enjoy spending time with family and always give a helping hand."