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"Computers, woodworking "
"I'm 48-Have 3 grown kids Son/31 Girls-32 & 25 я married. Have 3 GranDudes-11/9/nearly 1yr-1 GranDiva-Spoiled Chihuahua❥ ღ"
"i have 10 kids and one stepchild im married to armando pena for 8 years"
"I love to write"
"I am married and have 4 sons. Live in Alaska and live for the summers."
"I'm GR8!"
"I like video games(Xbox), the Baltimore Ravens, and LA Lakers."
"Mother "
"I love the sweeps!"
"I love contests"
"Love to decorate and have a knack for splashing colors and styles!"
"Modern, Simple"
"A single mom who loves to shop for everything from home décor, stylish fashions to health and wellness remedies. "
"I love gardening and shopping..."
"I'm just your average person."
"Happily married forever to the best guy in the world"
"I am retired from a great job. I am married with one child. I love living the country life."
"Mom to 3, Personal Shopper, and blogger. Addicted to finding great deals, earning points, and helping others do the same."
"Nuthin much to say here"
"Finding Great Bargins"
"I teach people to SAVE BIG!"
"Nothing important"
"I am a working professional and love to shop. "
"Sweeps fanatic."
"country girl that has horses"
"Stay ay home mom. Always looking for a bargain"
"I like sweeps."
"soft spoken"
"I LOVE to save money!"
"New Father"
"Professional Financial Member Service Manager; Nationally Published Poet, Author; LGBTQ Gay Community Advocate & Nice Guy."
"I love to help everyone sucessfully shop!"
"stay home mom"
"Love the outdoors, going on adventures or just hanging out at home"
"Just A good ole Average guy who is trying to make the best of life."
"Great cook, gardener, seamtress and designer."
"I like to buy nice things that are Almost Free or Free. i know this is possible and it truly stretches the dollar."
"Having a swell time here and wanting to win ALL the sweepstakes!"
"Great Grandmother"
"loves halloween everything"
"Mother, wife, student and full time employee..........I think that speaks for itself!"
"Always busy, yet never feel like I get much done..."
"Have two amazing boys and a beautiful and amazing wife that could have anyone she wanted but even with all my flaws still chooses me."
"Registered Nurse"
"I love shopping"
"I am a Mother to 1 Son who is the most important person in my life! I enjoy the simple things in life. I love nature and all animals!"
"Good hearted, like to meet new people, my family is my pride and joy. "
"I enjoy research, genealogy, Investigations, writing, building, painting, and Power Tools! "
"I'm disabled which doesn't stop me for living my life. I have a biological daughter getting her masters, adopted son and adopted daughter. "
"I like the SYW website."
"I walk in my victory!"
"Born and raised on the Mucklands of Western New York."
"I am mother of 3 very handsome little boys eddie, danny ,and alex!"
"Happy, Out Going, Kind, Diversified"
"I like country music."
"I'm fun, quiet. I lobe to go camping and I love to fish. I love to watch baseball!"
"Sweeps, cooking, Gardening, Shopping, Contest"
"I'm a 43 yr mom of 3, 1 grandchild. Ihave the best bf. I've had 4 surgeries this past yr, 2 major. I'm hoping for better luck this yr"
"motivated, creative"
"1 child at home"
"I'm boring"
"Love reading and movies."
"I love spending time with my kid and spouse"
"I am a winner"
"Wife and mother of 3 and 5 granddaughters"
"I love jewelry and gardening"
"Passionate hardworking woman, looking to continue moving forward in life and to bring all my loved ones with me on the way!"
"Call me Dee, I am about saving money and time, that is why I am here to help you! I'm not into sales, I've got a keen sense of style and ..."
"I'm 49 have kids and work for kmart...."
"I am what i am"
"I'm a stay at home mom"
"i am a very hard worker"
"The way i see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.."