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"i like being with my family"
"Artist, Musician, Teacher"
"I laugh at stupid things, I spend way to much time online, and I have a [major] obsession with the 50's style"
"I lived in the very small, but lovely, town of Livingston,"
"I'm a little shy and don't go out much "
"Author, Speaker and Coach"
"im 21 years old fun outgoing"
"Wife, Mother, Full-time Student"
"My life revolves around my family "
"I love to see others smile and laugh, it's a beautiful site to see when someone is truly happy. "
"fun loving person who enjoys spending time with my grandkids"
"...they either totally love me or completely loath me, no grey in between..."
"Mommy of 2 trying to save money :)"
"A Stay-At-Home Dad"
"I'm a working mom of 2. I like bowling, movies, and reading."
"single mom living life trying to save some money!!"
"mother of two girls grandmother of one girl."
"I am a bubbly, excitable girl who loved to help others!"
"Cars, food, and family!"
"I enjoy the outdoors and hunting."
"Basically I am interested in a little of everything."
"Just a Southern Illnois gal who doesnt know her age"
"Self-employed, loves art and traveling "
"New Condo Owner"
"I'm a MTF transgendered woman"
"I'm a stay at home mom. "
"So it Media junkie"
"I love spending time with my partner and his dog."
"I'm awesome"
"I love Sears!!"
"A great writer"
"I like free stuff"
"31 y/o female, Application Analyst"
"Love sweepstakes & yard sales"
"I live in the woods with my wife and 8 dogs, some who we adopted ans a few who adopted us."
"Im awesome!"
"Hi nice to meet you"
"I have three kids, 2 girls and a boy and love a good deal!"