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"#TeamMinaj I Love Nicki Minaj! She is The Queen of Rap and is the most Beautiful & Amazing person!!! <3 I'm also a Choreographer and ..."
"Nicki Minaj. Queen. Emperor. Ruler."
"married to the one & only nicki minaj <3"
"Twitter: @NegritoJosh"
"Blues guitar & Nicki Minaj. What else would I need?"
"so tell me bout your self."
"I'm a Nicki Minaj STAN. That's all you need to know! "
"Twitter @shawtsLKcocaine | Instagram @tanqueena"
"Im here for Miss Minaj. #prettygang"
"Determine to work"
"See you told me I would loose but I won. - "
"#TeamMinaj "
"Aquarius who loves to dream."
"I am a mother of two, which makes me the family pack mule....I am self-employed and love it!"
"highly motivated person"
"artist from Montreal. "
"I love Onika Tanya Maraj! She my queen and I aint even British! Barb For Fuckin Eva! xoxo"
"I work in a hair salon and plan on going to Toronto's Marvel Beauty School!"
"My Idol is Nicki Minaj. Words can't explain how much I love her!!! Follow me on Twitter; @rachelrussell_x"
"i love nicki !!! so i did this account for her and only her ..i hope i win the sweeps stake ..itll change my life just to meet her ..."
"Prettygang this, & Prettygang that... ilove Nicki cuh:*"
"my name is pronounced "jah-nay" but spelt different! "
"Amo la Musica <3"
"I Love Nicki Minaj lol Thats all! #NoHomo"