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"I am probably one of the kindest people you will ever meet. I strive to be the best that I can at everything I do."
"I'm a stay at home mom"
"I am a special education teacher for students with moderate to severe disabilities and I love going to work every day."
"Snow Snowmobiling, skeet shooting"
"Detail oriented, Highly organized ,Professional, Team Player"
"Love to share the hope of Jesus Christ."
"I am happily married with one child and enjoy family time"
"I Love My Kmart Family at 7372"
"collect Coins, Love romantic novels"
"Father of 3, husband for 6 years, planning on going to school next year"
"Housewife , mother to my son and wife to my husband and love my family !"
"So it Media junkie"
"I love Sears!"
"I love singing"
"I'm GR8!"
"I love sywr"
"love to dance AND LOVE MY MAMA"
"Nature; Birding, Feeding Fish, Beaches, Rivers, Dominos, UNO, Pets (2 dogs & a cat). Love children/grandchildren, Service Dogs"
"I'm me. shocking isn't it."
"love to laugh"
"busy,busy,coupon cutting,god fearing mom !!!!!"
"im a mom of 4 children and have a granddaughter i love vary much."
"not to much to say"
"I love Sears and dogs!"
"love to square dance, round dance and line dance and golf and most important shop"
"Mother, Sister, Auntie, Great Auntie and Grandmother!"
"My hobbies include anything to do with electronics, computers, audio equipment/music, photography, and gardening."
"like to ride my motorcycle trike with passengers"
"Working mom 1 child married."
"I am a retired school teacher after 34.5 years of service,"
"I love contests"
"I am a mother and grandmother. This is the greatest part of my life. I love to create as well. "
"I love to write and talk!!"
"My name is Ashley. I love reading, cooking, spending time with my family and being outdoors."
"There's just too much to write. I'm kind of indescribable, but I DO mean that in a good way. You'll never be bored, I promise you that!"
"I'm just your average person."
"I am fun loving and sensible"
"Mother of two adorable boys and a wife to an amazing father and husband. :) Who likes to save money as much as possible!"
"I love deals"
"Iam a Notary for the State Of Oklahoma I love to communicate wit others."
"mother of 2"
"In love with the best girl ever and have 3 children "
"Nuthin much to say here"
"Mother of two pursuing my Degree in Business with concentration in Accounting."
"live life to the fullest I have a five amazing and absolutely beautiful children whom are my world"
"I love sweepstakes and the outdoors."
"Enjoy my personal shopper!"
"Happily married forever to the best guy in the world"
"Mom to 3, Personal Shopper, and blogger. Addicted to finding great deals, earning points, and helping others do the same."
"Blogger, Mother of 3, Couponer, Personal Shopper,"
"Finding Great Bargins"
"i ama married mom of 3"
"Mommy wanting to save"
"not much"
"mom of 3"
"I am married to a wonderful man with 2 awesome children ages 15 and 4."
"I have 3 sons and a great husband. I love gardening. Pink roses are my favorite. I stay busy with college and family"
"I am a stay at home mom of 3 chilrden. 2 girls and 1 boy."
"Nothing important"
"Software engineer, hobbies halloween, wood working, model trains, baking and cooking"
"living large"
"I'm an extreme saver, extreme shopper, and extreme couponer!! I'm all about saving money and taking care of my family within our budget."
"I love to shop :)"
"I love turning wrench on my projects - motorcycles and cars mostly. Racing fanatic, performance enthusiat, (Craftsman) brand loyalist."
"like to shop and always save money"
"i love my friends and family"
"FUNNY, THINKER, Writer, dreamer, Mother, loyal friend."
"Just a lil' 'ol gal in a big 'ol world."
"a mother of 3 and grandmother of 1 grandson, a libra and love the color purple and am very loyal to those who are good to me !!!!!!!"
"Sweeps fanatic."
"work to better myself and my family"
"Professional Financial Member Service Manager; Nationally Published Poet, Author; LGBTQ Gay Community Advocate & Nice Guy."
"I like sweeps."
"I LOVE to save money!"
"I love to help everyone sucessfully shop!"