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"I live by a lake in the Ozarks of Missouri."
"stay home mom"
"Passion for helping others, bargain hunter. Married, mother of two, grandmother of 2. I'm a country girl at heart."
"I love to win"
"love to Drive"
"Happily married forever to the best guy in the world"
"I love to cook and bake!!!"
"Single going to school"
"I love to shop, do arts and crafts and photography"
"Wife Mom love of ladybugs"
"I like sweeps."
"I am Kmart's #1 Fan"
"I am a mother of two who loves to help others. "
"Mom to 3, Personal Shopper, and blogger. Addicted to finding great deals, earning points, and helping others do the same."
"I like the SYW website."
"mom00that loves reading, and gardening"
"Good hearted, like to meet new people, my family is my pride and joy. "
"i believe in working hard and reaping what i sow in a positive way"
"why not"
"Single Mother of 3 still at home"
"Wife and mother of 3 and 5 granddaughters"
"love a good deal"
"I am married and have 4 sons. Live in Alaska and live for the summers."
"I love the sweeps!"
"i like movies"
"1 child at home"
"Retired single Navy guy moving to North Carolina this summer"
"I am a person with many interest and I always believe the glass is half full."
"i live in dinuba with my boyfriend and two kids. I like to dance and go to the casino"
"I have two grown children and 3 grandchildren, a 12 year old grandson and a set of twins that are 5 years old, a boy and girl."
"Professional Financial Member Service Manager; Nationally Published Poet, Author; LGBTQ Gay Community Advocate & Nice Guy."
"I love to spend time with those that are near and dear to me"
"I'm a person"
"I'm Happy"