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"I am 47-mom to 3 stepmom to 2 and grandmom to 5. Love our VTX1300R. I have diabetes and arthritis but i keep going."
"tranquilo cristiano y nada es imposible para Dios"
"I am a USMC Veteran. 2yrs in Remission from Breast Cancer. I have 2 wonderful sons."
"Married 17 Years To A Wonderful Man, Mom of 3 Beautiful Children"
"i like deals"
"no ones business"
"Artist, Musician, Teacher"
"im cool"
"Doxie lover"
"Guitar playin' hippie chick!!"
"Married mother of 3"
"Im a laid back type of guy who lives for sports fishing and my woman "
"im a mother of 4, im engaged to a great man who had filled the "daddy" role in my childrens life. music is my drug of choice."
"easy to get along with"
"Animal Lover and enjoy the outdoors"
"I am a little dog about... 4 years oldI'm alittle bit hipper active, love to play, chase balls, pee on any think espacially socks... (:"
"I love to read, work toward my degree and spend time with my family!"
"I have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. I'm also deaf in one ear."
"I just like to shop and earn points so I could eventually buy things for my family for free!"