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"stuff and things"
"I am a single mom of 2 boys who is happily engaged to a wonderful man! "
"Married in May, Co-Owner in a T-Shirt Company"
"Super cool"
"I am a single mom of two awesome lil guys. Ages 11yrs and 3yrs. My boys are my whole world."
"Im a cool person"
"I'm retired Air Force, my husband is also retired Air Force. We have 3 beautiful daughters. "
"Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Collector, Crafter, Computer Geek, Social Media Addict"
"I love to go camping"
"creative, whimsical, love travel, love my dog"
"I'm currently a Bio-Med major in my senior year, I hope to be a doctor one day. I love God, my life, my family and my future husband (:"
"Inhale the good shit Exhale the bullshit"