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"I am retired: fixed income."
"mom of 3 and grand mom of 2 and I am a pastry chef"
"love life and family and love to make people laugh,also love my flower gardens!"
"Loven life, loven God, and loven Jesus"
"I enjoy my family."
"Married 17 Years To A Wonderful Man, Mom of 3 Beautiful Children"
"Country Chick"
"I love learning and trying new things."
"Just another shopper."
"I am a single mom of 2 boys who is happily engaged to a wonderful man! "
"Married in May, Co-Owner in a T-Shirt Company"
"Super cool"
"Im a cool person"
"I'm retired Air Force, my husband is also retired Air Force. We have 3 beautiful daughters. "
"Inhale the good shit Exhale the bullshit"
"I'm a professional woman trying to find a career in Health Care."
"I am a guy"