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"I am a USMC Veteran. 2yrs in Remission from Breast Cancer. I have 2 wonderful sons."
"Lifestyle & family blogger of Speaker, Author, Proud Parent, Iowa Blogger"
"i like to fish"
"driving 4 60years can u beat that"
"married and have 4 kids"
"i like being with my family"
"26 year old stay at home mom, college student"
"momma to 5"
"have 2 children. boy and girl. boy- age 10. girl-age 8months"
"I love to shop"
"Stay at home college mom, two boys, one grown child I call my sweetheart!"
"I am a little dog about... 4 years oldI'm alittle bit hipper active, love to play, chase balls, pee on any think espacially socks... (:"
"I'm very simpler friendly honest "
"Welcome to Greater Locksmith."
"single mom with two kids"
"enjoy couponing"
"I'm just very humble, easy going, spontaneous, and always on the go!"
"i love to shop"
"I am a fun loving mother. Who enjoys crafts and kid friendly activiies with my family."