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"Those who know me, know about me. Those who don't, certainly may ask!"
"love my life and learning things"
"I like shoes and kitchen gadgets."
"This is a test account"
"I am a christian family man works in church food bank to help those in need."
"stay at home mom/wife love to save when i go shopping "
"married with 3 kids"
"Stay at home mom of 3."
"enjoy couponing"
"I'm married, I have two kids, one boy and one girl. "
"want to get things for my grandkids"
"Married since 2011 Have a beautiful daughter and now a son on the way."
"I like sales."
"I am"
"I am a VERY firm Christian and I am a Jesus pleaser, NOT a people pleaser :D"
"Sales are more sttong point, but I am on a temporary retirement for health reasons"
"[Insert Ideological Fantasy Here]"