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"Love's JESUS, my Husband, My Children, My Grand Children.My Family. BELIEVES All people should be treated equally. That when you Love ..."
"I'm doin' just fine."
"Mother of Four, i work 12 hour shifts other than that spend time with my kiddos shopping playing etc."
"trying to get by"
"I am me."
"mommy of two"
"happily married with 2 children and 3 grandchildren"
"I like turtles."
"I'm 25, married with two kids. Everything i've ever wanted! "
"i'm married with two boys and i'm about to have a baby girl in feb."
"all about the sunshine"
"im me...... just tryna make an arizona living"
"I love life"
"Love hiking and spending time outdoors with our Chocolate Lab."
"Want it, shop it!"
"Living for the Weekend"
"I'm an Auto Mechanic"
"love to shop"
"I love my grand children"
"Mother, grandmother, and many more"
"I love working with people"
"I'm Single ....for now."
"started in dec and love it"
"mother,grandmother,great grandmother"
"Funeral Director"
"In love with the best girl ever and have 3 children "
"I love sports and am a self-proclaimed Cheesehead. My favorite food is pizza."
"Great Entertainer"
"I live for my kids. :)"
"There's just too much to write. I'm kind of indescribable, but I DO mean that in a good way. You'll never be bored, I promise you that!"
"I Love Shopping! Yep, that sums up "About Me"."
"I love Frogs!"
"I love to write and talk!!"
"I enjoy leisurely walks in the park with my family, friends and our pet Samantha."
"My name is Ashley. I love reading, cooking, spending time with my family and being outdoors."
"loves to shop"
"I am a 38 year old sahm with 3 beautiful kids and a fairly good looking hubby. I like to read and enter contest in my spare time."
"Young & Gettin It"
"I am a stay at home mom who loves spending time with her son and saving money."
"Homemaker, Bingo, Sweepstakes, Grandmother"
"I am a retired Educator who have enjoy doing sweeps and if I can help you I will be more than glad to do it! Winter is coming "
"I love shopping at kmart"
"Concierge Personal Shopper living frugally with coupons, freebies, and sweeps. I enjoy making fun crafts and yummy recipes."
"I just gave birth to my son in May."
"Country Western Music"
"I am a country gal who likes the simple things in life. I like the outdoors including gardening and fishing."