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Your Favorite Back to School Supplies List for 2023

Seasonal | August 13, 2023 Share to Facebook Share to Twitter
back to school supplies list

Preparing a back to school supplies list can be an overwhelming task.

If you lack the knowledge to compile an exhaustive register effectively, it can seem like something is perpetually neglected.

Making a thorough list is not easy, folks. So we compiled the ultimate list for you. Plus we compiled a list of back to school sales across the web and a special article on Walmart back to school sales.

Essential Back To School Supplies List for Kindergarten

Your child’s journey begins! The first day of school can be tough and tearful (especially for parents), but don’t worry, your little one will be just fine.

kindergarten class

Back To School Supplies List for Kindergarten

Essential Elementary School Supplies (grade 1 – 3)

Now that your little one has grown bigger, there will be more supplies needed!

As they move from being newcomers to school to being more dedicated to learning, they will need more resources to help them. Any older kids still working their way through kindergarten may also need a top-up and refresh of school supplies!

Back To School Supplies List for Grades 1-3

Essential Elementary School Supplies: (grades 4–6)

As they move through the top grades of elementary school, their subjects become more focused. They might need separate folders for each of their classes.

They will need items that will help them stay organized as their homework, projects, and classes get bigger and more complicated.

5th grade class

Back To School Supplies List for Grades 4-6

School Supplies List for Middle School and High School

The middle school supply list needs to kick up a notch, as middle school kids use their school supplies a lot. They need ones that are tough while lasting all year. High school students need school supplies that will last through big projects, last-minute studying, and daily use.

high school class

Back To School Supplies List for Grades 6-12

Shop Your Way Rewards: Earn Points on Back-to-School Supplies

shop your way

Shop Your Way is the only comprehensive rewards platform (all-in-one) that makes it easy to earn points on everyday purchases and spend them on products you enjoy. With the Shop Your Way app, you can get your points from anywhere and start giving yourself rewards.

What a perfect way to get rewards when doing back-to-school shopping!

Here’s how you can use the Shop Your Way platform effectively when checking items off your school supply list:

Earning Points with Every Purchase

Register for the program to start. But what next? How do you go about accumulating those precious reward points?

You start by making purchases at participating stores or online platforms that are part of Shop Your Way’s network. 

Whether it’s glue sticks from Staples or colored pencils from Office Depot, every purchase contributes to your point balance.

A robust strategy here would involve planning ahead—creating a comprehensive classroom teacher’s back-to-school supplies list before starting your shopping spree.

This not only ensures nothing gets left out but also allows strategic purchasing decisions that maximize earnings during this high-spending season.

Taking Advantage of Seasonal Opportunities

The start of each school year brings exceptional chances to make more than usual, thanks to the extensive nature of annual back-to-school supply lists.

Whether it’s elementary students requiring crayons and notebooks, middle schoolers needing calculators and protractors, or college kids gearing up with laptops and scientific calculators for their school days, you can capitalize on various opportunities in a single trip.

Nonetheless, to make the most of these potential gains, careful preparation and thoughtful execution are paramount. Take the time to plan ahead and ensure the best possible outcome.

To achieve optimal results, prioritize purchasing products of superior quality over quantity.

Hence, always choose reliable brands with a proven track record of providing durable, high-performing items, ensuring maximum utility and longevity of your investment.

Don’t miss out on the school sales as they can be the perfect time to stock up on essentials like lunch boxes and colored folders.

school bag with school supplies

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Getting ready for the new school year and getting school essentials can be a breeze with our ultimate back-to-school supplies list.

From markers and mechanical pencils, to spiral notebooks – we’ve got you covered.

No matter if it’s high school, college, or primary education in view, we have something for everyone.

Remember, shopping early saves time and money!

The best part? You get rewarded for every purchase through Shop Your Way with rewards points that you can spend.

If you’re eager to start stocking up now while earning rewards on your favorite brands, Shop Your Way is just what you need.

Make this academic year stress-free by preparing in advance with us! Start rewarding yourself today!

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