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Does Walmart Price Match?

Seasonal | August 28, 2023 Share to Facebook Share to Twitter

Does Walmart match the price? Yes, but not in every case.

The world of retail is competitive, and everyone wants to bag the best deal possible.

Finding out if your favorite store will match prices can be like finding a golden ticket. It’s an opportunity for some serious savings!

If you’ve been wondering whether Walmart does price matching, you’re in luck! We’re here to clear up any confusion and help you save big on your next shopping trip.

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What is Walmart Price Matching?

The world of retail shopping can be competitive, and every penny saved counts. Major retailers like Walmart understand this and have implemented policies to keep their customers happy. One such policy is the concept of price matching.

This essentially ensures you’re getting the best possible deal when buying from them.

The Nitty-Gritty Details Behind Price Matching

In order to take advantage of this offer by major retailers like Walmart, there are certain steps involved. First off, make sure that both online and in-store items are available and identical – including color, quantity, model number, etc.

Making Customers Happy: The Ultimate Goal

Companies employing these types of techniques provide value for every dollar spent by customers who make purchases through their platforms, with a key focus on not only competitive pricing but also optimum customer happiness. 

And trust us, nothing beats feeling good about bagging great deals without having to do much legwork yourself.

Does Walmart Price Match?

The price match policy at Walmart isn’t as simple as you might think. 

While they do offer this service, it’s quite selective in nature. In-store, for instance, the retail giant doesn’t price match competitors’ prices or items purchased from that later decrease in price.

In-Store vs Online Prices: A Tale of Two Platforms

If there’s one place where you can claim a lower advertised online price difference with confidence, it’s on their own website.

If an identical item is listed cheaper on than what it sells for at your local store, then yes – expect them to make up the difference.

This essentially means that even though both platforms are part of the same company, variations may exist due to factors such as shipping costs and regional pricing differences.

Limited Daily Claims: The Catch You Didn’t See Coming

An important detail about this policy is its limitation on daily claims. Customers happy with getting a good deal should note that only one online-to-instore-price adjustment can be claimed per day. 

This restriction sets them apart from most other major retailers, who don’t impose such limitations.

Does Walmart Price Match? Your Guide to Smarter Shopping

Walmart’s price match policy allows customers to request a price match when they find a lower price from a competitor on an identical product.

The policy aims to ensure that customers don’t miss out on savings by offering them the same price available at other retailers.

Discover the ins and outs of Walmart’s price match policy, learn how to save money on your purchases, and shop smarter today.

How Do You Get Walmart to Price Match?

If you’re an experienced bargain hunter looking for the best prices, understanding how to get Walmart to price match can help you save money.

If an item is cheaper on Walmart’s website, here’s what you need to do:

Start by telling the cashier or going to customer service and asking for a price reduction. They might need approval from their supervisor before giving the green light.

A key point worth noting is that there are restrictions: one price-match claim per day only.

It may seem unusual compared with other major retailers’ policies, but those are the rules of this game called ‘price matching’ at Walmart.

Are There Any Exceptions to Walmart Price Matching?

A savvy shopper knows that price matching can be a great way to score the best deals. However, there are some important exclusions in Walmart’s price match policy.

The first thing you should know is that clearance items don’t qualify for this benefit. 

As a result, your neighborhood Walmart won’t match an incredible deal you find on a clearance item at another store like Home Depot or Target.

Another key exclusion applies to special orders and personalized products. If these unique items have lower prices elsewhere – say from online competitors – don’t expect them to get the same pricing treatment at Walmart.

Walmart also states they do not match third-party seller prices even when sold through major retailers such as Amazon.

Certain Sales Events Are Off The Table Too

You might think Black Friday would be prime time for scoring big with price matches but alas. Deals during events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall under exceptions too – so no luck there either folks.

In fact, any product offered by exclusively online stores may also fail to meet eligibility criteria regardless of whether they’re advertising a cheaper rate on identical merchandise.

If In Doubt: Ask Customer Care

Sometimes deciphering what qualifies for a price match versus what doesn’t can feel confusing.

If ever unsure about why certain goods were denied their deserved discount or simply need clarification regarding specific aspects of the policy.

Their customer care team will gladly provide further insight into how adjustments work, ensuring customers leave happy after every purchase experience.

Does Walmart Price Match? Your Guide to Smarter Shopping

A couple window shopping in a mall

Walmart’s price match policy allows customers to request a price match when they find a lower price from a competitor on an identical product.

The policy aims to ensure that customers don’t miss out on savings by offering them the same price available at other retailers.

Discover the ins and outs of Walmart’s price match policy, learn how to save money on your purchases, and shop smarter today.

What Items Does Walmart Price Match?

If you’ve ever wondered about the extent of items that fall under Walmart’s price match policy, we’re here to clarify. 

The scope is broad and includes popular categories like electronics, home appliances, and furniture.

Here are some eligible Items for Price Matching:

Price Matching Electronics

Purchasing electronics can be a significant investment, but with Walmart’s commitment to keeping customers happy through competitive pricing practices such as their price match policy, it becomes easier. 

If you find an identical electronic item at a lower online price from major retailers like Best Buy or, then Walmart will happily honor this difference in cost.

The Deal on Home Appliances

Saving money while shopping for essential home appliances? Yes, please.

Stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s might have advertised prices that are lower than what your local store has listed – worry not because if the model number matches exactly along with the color variant, then they’ll adjust according to their price-match policies.

Furniture Finds

Last up on our list is furniture – another category where shoppers benefit greatly from Walmart’s willingness to make adjustments based on competitors’ prices. 

So next time when you spot that chic dining table set online priced less than its counterpart in-store, don’t forget about asking them for a possible reduction.

Remember: It always pays off well if one takes out some time before making any assumptions regarding these policies since exceptions may apply, so contacting Walmart would be beneficial.

Does Walmart Price Match Online Prices?

Indeed, Walmart will match online prices; however, it requires a bit of extra effort.

The Walmart price match policy will indeed honor prices from select online retailers for identical items.

Picking the Right Retailers

When aiming to benefit from Walmart’s price match policy, it’s crucial to select the appropriate retailers to compare prices.

Keep in mind that not all retail establishments will be eligible for price matching at Walmart. Before proceeding, it’s advisable to confirm whether your chosen retailer is included in Walmart’s approved list for price matching.

It is necessary for your product to be sold by a well-known competitor online in order for you to be eligible for the price adjustment you desire.

Having said that, it is essential to emphasize that this criterion does not apply to each and every one of the online purchasing platforms available.

Check to see if the merchant of your choice is featured on their list of authorized vendors before you take any further action.

Dodging Exclusions and Conditions

While Walmart extends an online price matching service, it’s important for shoppers to be aware of specific conditions and limitations. For example, when it comes to clearance sales or closeout offers, unfortunately, they do not meet the criteria for a price match.

In addition to these exclusions, customers should bear in mind that they are eligible to submit just one request per household per day for a price-match arrangement involving Walmart stores or prominent retail websites.

This regulation ensures that everyone has a fair opportunity to capitalize on savings, all while maintaining a sense of equilibrium in the realm of business for our associates at Walmart.

This policy aims to guarantee fairness and provide an equal chance for all to take advantage of the most competitive prices available, especially during special events and trending times.

Moreover, remember that gift cards cannot be used in conjunction with price match items.

Contacting Customer Care

If you ever find yourself unsure whether a product qualifies for a discount or if you’re uncertain about the best way to politely inquire (you know what I mean), don’t hesitate to get in touch with the customer service team at your local Walmart.

Their friendly representatives are at your service 24/7, diligently available through the phone line (or chat box), fully prepared to assist with any questions regarding the lowest prices, store policies, procedures, and more. So, don’t hesitate to reach out; be assured, their primary goal is to provide assistance.

And even if you’re in Hawaii or Alaska, rest assured that this applies to you as well! Furthermore, if you’re seeking to price match items or have inquiries concerning your credit card usage, the store manager and their team have your needs covered.

What Stores Does Walmart Price Match?

Woman grocery shopping with a full cart - walmart price match

Everybody loves to get a good bargain when they shop. If you find an identical item being sold for less at another store, Walmart will match the lower price to give customers a great bargain.

This means if you find an identical item at another retailer for less, they’ll adjust your purchase cost accordingly. But who exactly does this retail giant consider competition in its quest for customer satisfaction? Let’s take a look:

A Few More Retailers Included In The Program

Other noteworthy names, such as Dollar General and Family Dollar discount stores, Kohl’s and JCPenney departmental outlets, Office Depot office supplies supplier, Michaels craft store are also part of the program.

These include discount chains such as Dollar General and Family Dollar; departmental stores including Kohl’s and JCPenney; office supplies provider Office Depot; arts and crafts store Michaels among others.

No other retailer, not even Costco, Walgreens, Petco, or AutoZone, does it as well as Walmart.

Does Walmart Price Match FAQs

Why is Walmart getting rid of price matching?

Walmart phased out its in-store price match program to focus on consistently low prices across all products, rather than individual item matches.

Does Walmart give price adjustments?

No, currently Walmart does not offer post-purchase adjustments if the price of an item drops after you’ve bought it.

Is Walmart supposed to honor prices?

Absolutely. If a pricing error occurs, Walmart will correct it and may sell the product at the corrected or advertised price.

When did Walmart stop price matching?

In 2023, most Walmarts discontinued their Ad Match program nationwide. However, they still match select online and in-store prices as per their current policy.


Walmart’s price matching policy is a hidden gem for savvy shoppers.

The retail giant offers this benefit on select items, helping you get the best deal possible.

However, this benefit is not a universal guarantee and comes with specific conditions and exclusions.

You’ll need to do your homework – check if the item is cheaper online at or at selected retailers.

Then, ask in-store for a match – but remember that clearance items and special orders are typically excluded from this perk.

Your shopping experience can be even more rewarding when combined with Shop Your Way rewards points.

Earn points on every purchase you make, including those smart buys where you’ve leveraged Walmart’s price match policy.

Because every dollar saved counts towards getting more value out of your everyday purchases!

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