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3 Ways To Check Your Walmart Gift Card Balance Easily

SYW 101 | August 4, 2023 Share to Facebook Share to Twitter

Being a savvy shopper has its perks, and having accumulated sufficient Shop Your Way points through your smart shopping habits, you now have the ability to effortlessly convert these points into a Walmart gift card.

The Walmart gift card you have in your wallet (or even in the kitchen cabinet) is actually worth something. But do you know its exact value? 

Most of us aren’t great about keeping tabs on our Walmart gift card balance, but knowing how much you can save on your next purchase is easier than you might think. These tips will help you know your Walmart gift card balance so you can plan ahead before your next trip, get the best value possible from your purchases at affiliated stores, while also effectively budgeting and planning ahead.

Before Starting:

1. You will need two pieces of information from your gift card: the 16-digit number and the 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Front of Walmart Gift Card
Back of the Walmart Gift Card

2. Unfortunately, Walmart does not allow you to check your gift card balance in the Walmart App. Users must go to the desktop or mobile website to check their balance.

1. Check Your Walmart Gift Card Balance Online

If you’re near a computer or have your smartphone handy, one of the quickest ways to determine the amount of money left on your Walmart gift card is to check the balance online. 

Step 1: Visit Walmart’s Gift Card Balance Page

To get started, open your browser and navigate to Walmart’s gift card balance page. This webpage is specifically designed for customers like you who want to know their remaining funds before making any purchases.

Step 2: Enter Your 16-Digit Gift Card Number and PIN

The gift card number can be found on either the front or back of physical cards, while digital cards have them in emails sent upon purchase. 

The PIN should be located at the back of physical cards under a scratch-off area or within emails for digital ones. 

If there’s no PIN on your Walmart gift card, it cannot be used for online purchases or checking balances. You can visit any Walmart store and exchange your gift card for one with a PIN.

Step 3: Click “Check Balance”

Once you’ve entered both required details correctly, click on the “Check Balance” button. Within seconds, an updated figure representing how much money remains available will appear.

Quick Tip: If you have the Walmart App you can easily apply your gift card to your account and use the gift card as a payment method on checkout.  

3. Check Your Balance By Phone

Checking your Walmart gift card balance by phone is another convenient option for those who are unable to connect to the internet. 

Call the Toll-Free Number (1-888-537-5503)

You can find out your Walmart Gift Card Balance in 5 steps: 

Step 1: Call 1-888-537-5503 

Step 2: Listen carefully to the automated system’s instructions. Press 1 for English. Press 2 for Spanish.

Step 3: Press 1 for checking your gift card balance and transaction history.

Step 4: Enter your 16-digit gift card number when prompted. Verify that you’ve typed the 16-digit code accurately before continuing on.

Step 5: The automated system will then provide you with the current value of your Walmart gift card.

4. Check Your Balance In-Store

walmart customer service
where in walmart to checkyour gift card balance

If you live nearby or happen to be stopping in-store for groceries, you can do it in person on your next trip to Walmart.

By checking your gift card balance in-store, you can ensure that you don’t miss any in-store specials, which could add up to extra savings.

Step 1: Find your local store 

To find the nearest Walmart location, use their Store Finder tool. Enter the zip code or city and state details into the search bar to quickly locate nearby Walmart stores. This makes it easy to locate a convenient store where you can inquire about your gift card balance.

Step 2: Visit the customer service area 

Once at the store, visit the customer service area and ask a helpful staff member to assist you with verifying your Walmart gift card balance. They’ll be able to assist by scanning your physical gift card or entering its 16-digit number into their system. Remember that if you have a digital gift card without a PIN, this method may be necessary since online checks require both numbers.

Step 3: Make sure you have the correct information

It’s always helpful to keep track of all transactions made using your Walmart Gift Card so that when seeking assistance from customer service representatives in-store they can verify previous purchases easily. If there are multiple cards associated with one account (e.g., family members sharing), make sure each person knows which specific card belongs to them to avoid confusion during inquiries at stores.

Types of Walmart Gift Cards

Understanding the different types of available cards can help ensure smooth transactions online or in-store at Walmart itself.

There are two main categories: physical gift cards and digital cards. Both can be used online and in-store

Physical Gift Cards

The traditional, tangible form of gift-giving is still popular today with standard physical gift cards. These plastic cards come in a variety of designs to suit any occasion, from birthdays to holidays. Physical gift cards, with a PIN code, can be purchased from authorized vendors or at Walmart stores for use both online and in-store.

Digital Gift Cards

eGift cards offer an eco-friendly alternative that’s also convenient for last-minute shoppers. These virtual gift cards are sent via email and contain a unique card number along with a PIN code required for redemption. You can use them on Walmart’s website and in-store.

To purchase a digital gift card, simply visit the Walmart eGift Card page. Choose your desired design, enter the recipient’s email address along with your personalized message, select an amount between $5 – $2000 (limits may vary), then proceed to checkout.

With that being said, understanding usage restrictions and limitations is key when using your Walmart gift card; let’s explore these further.

Where You Can Use Your Gift Card

Redeeming Funds at Affiliated Stores

Make sure you’re getting the best deals possible when shopping with these partners:

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FAQs on Checking Your Walmart Gift Card Balance

What is the 800 number for Walmart gift card balance?

Call the Toll-Free Number (1-888-537-5503)

How do I check my Walmart gift card history online?

Follow these steps to check your card history online.
Creating an Online Walmart Account
First off, you need an online account with Walmart. If you don’t already have one, you can sign up on their website. It’s a straightforward process, requiring only some basic information.
Accessing the Gift Card History Feature
Once logged in, navigate to the gift card section under your account settings. You’ll find an option to view your gift card history. Enter your card number and PIN, and you’re good to go.
Interpreting Your Walmart Gift Card History
You’ll be presented with a detailed list of transactions made with your card. Pay close attention to the date, amount, and location of each transaction.

What to Do When Your Card History Doesn’t Display?

If your card history isn’t displaying, try refreshing the page or logging in again. If the problem persists, contact Walmart’s customer service for assistance.

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