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Save time and money — Shop Your Way Everywhere helps you find coupon codes and earn cashback in points at thousands of online stores!

How it works

15,000+ online stores


Automatic alerts

Discover automatic alerts when shopping online like you normally do. We will even alert you when alternative eligible merchant offers are available to consider too! 


Google alerts

Discover automatic alerts when shopping online like you normally do. We will even alert you when alternative eligible merchant offers are available to consider too! 

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How does Shop Your Way Everywhere work?

How do I get Shop Your Way Everywhere on my phone or non-Chrome browser?

How do I start saving and earning rewards?

Simply download the Shop Your Way Everywhere: Rewards & Coupons Chrome Extension HERE from the Chrome Web Store. Select the Add to Chrome button and follow the steps. Once installed, you can start shopping smarter and automatically earn cash back on many of the purchases you already make online every day. 

As you browse and shop online merchants, the extension will alert you to any available cash back reward offers. Simply click to activate the cash back offer before check out. The extension will keep track of the transaction and cash back earned. You can view any pending, confirmed, and paid cash back in your Shop Your Way Member dashboard on the website or in your Shop Your Way App.

What can I get with my Shop Your Way Rewards that I earn?

Where do I go to see my cash back rewards and payment status?

When will I see my recent transaction and pending points?

After an eligible purchase, rewards can appear in your dashboard in as little as one or two days, as soon as the sale is reported by the merchant. Some merchants take longer than others to report sales; for example, some merchants will not report the sale until the product ships.

How many rewards can I earn from each merchant?

There is no limit to the number of rewards you can earn from a merchant.

Keep in mind that for your online safety and to prevent fraud and violations of our Terms of Service, we may contact you if you have multiple pending rewards from the same merchant.

How do I apply coupons?

On an eligible merchant’s check out page, the extension will display a pop-up window with any available coupons you can apply. Simply click the button and the best deal from all available coupons will be applied to your order at checkout.

I know I made a transaction, why didn’t I earn a reward?

If you know a sale occurred, but you don’t see it listed on your dashboard, don’t worry. Until the merchant notifies us a sale occurred, we won’t know about it. Some merchants notify us within an hour, and occasionally, other merchants can take up to several days to notify us of a sale.

What does it mean if my recent transaction or rewards points are pending?

After a sale is completed from one of your activated cash back offers, the associated rewards will appear in your dashboard as pending. It can take up to 48 hours (sometimes more) for merchants to notify us of a completed sale. Cash back rewards may be marked pending if a merchant places a temporary hold on the sale:

Merchants typically place a hold of 30+ days to ensure the order is not canceled or returned. This hold period may be longer depending on the merchant (e.g., the hold period for hotel bookings can extend until after your stay ends).

After a merchant’s hold period has cleared, your transaction status will change from pending to confirmed and you will receive a email notification from Shop Your Way

Why is my merchant no longer supported?

First check for any ad blockers or firewalls that may be preventing the extension from working. Even being signed onto a work VPN can sometimes prevent some extensions from functioning properly. If your merchant is still not offering cash back after confirming no other issues, it’s possible our merchant relationship changed and that merchant is no longer a part of our network.

If you have a favorite merchant that is no longer supported or one that you wish to be included in the cashback rewards Shop Your Way Everywhere program, then contact us here and simply let us know the merchant name. We will always do our best to help our Members Earn Rewards at their favorite places to shop!