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30 Fun Things to Do with Your Dad This Summer 2023

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30 Fun Things to do with Dad this Summer 2023

There is no better time than the present to express your love and gratitude to the person who’s always been there for you.

Instead of feeling limited to just a single day to celebrate, plan a Summer filled with dad’s favorite activities, making memories, and spending time together as a family.

Here are 30 fun filled activities to make your Summer extra memorable this year:

things to do with your dad
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Science Projects With Dad

This Father’s Day, have a blast with dad creating these fascinating science experiments. Whether your dad is a science whiz or just a kid at heart, he’ll appreciate the thought and creativity that goes into these projects.

1. Homemade Ice Cream: Ever tried making your own homemade ice cream? It’s not only a fun activity, but the end result is a scrumptious, frosty dessert! Surprisingly, there’s a lot of intriguing science that goes into the process of making ice cream. leads the way on this intriguing science endeavor, where you can create your own ice cream and delve into the optimal way to chill the ingredients to achieve that dreamy, creamy consistency we all love in a delightful frozen treat!

2. DIY Lava Lamp: Embrace your dad’s inner scientist by creating a homemade lava lamp. Witness an acid-base reaction and the spectacle of immiscible liquids. A fantastic how-to video on making a DIY lava lamp at home is available from TheDadLab.

3. Cool Volcano Science Experiment: Ignite the spirit of scientific inquiry with a classic yet cool experiment: creating your very own volcano! This is an ideal activity for your dad if he’s a geology buff, or simply enjoys a bit of explosive fun. TheDadLab how you just how you can do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home and with recycled materials.

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Board Games & Puzzles With Dad

Get ready for some friendly competition. Board games are a family-friendly activity that can bring the whole family together.

4. Board Game Night: Find out what his favorite game was growing up and see if he’s still got it. Alternatively, dust off the Monopoly, Scrabble, or Risk, and prepare for a fun-filled evening. Make it extra special by setting up some hotdogs and your dad’s favorite brews.

5. Puzzle Challenge: Surprise him by working together to complete a challenging puzzle. This is a wonderful way to enjoy conversation and cooperation.

6. DIY Scavenger Hunt: Design a creative scavenger hunt around your home or neighborhood. Include clues that lead to a special Father’s Day gift.

Dad-Approved Crafts

Crafting together is a fun and therapeutic way to spend Father’s Day. Plus, you’ll end up with something beautiful to show for your efforts.

7. DIY Birdhouse: There’s something immensely satisfying about building something with your own hands, especially when it’s a home for nature’s creatures.

8. Father’s Day Card: A homemade card will mean more to your dad than any store-bought one. Pour your heart into making a card that expresses your love and gratitude.

9. Custom Playlist: Compile a playlist of dad’s favorite band or songs for a sentimental gift he can enjoy anytime.

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Creative Cooking and Tasting With Dad

For the foodie fathers out there, these activities will be a hit.

10. Cooking Class: Enroll in a local cooking class together. It’s a great bonding experience, plus you’ll get to savor the delicious results.

11. Beer Tasting: If your dad loves his brews, consider setting up a beer tasting at home. You could even pair it with some homemade bar snacks.

12. Father’s Day Brunch: Kickstart Father’s Day with a hearty homemade brunch. Cook dad’s favorite dishes, and don’t forget the mimosas!

Outdoor Activities With Dad

Head outside for some fresh air and quality time with dad.

13. Bike Ride: Plan a bike ride around a local park or trail. Pack a picnic to enjoy halfway through your adventure.

14. Star Gazing: Make the most of a clear summer night by stargazing. Share stories and marvel at the cosmos together. 14 Best Places for Stargazing in the U.S. With Dark, Clear Skies.

15. Kayak Adventure: Rent a couple of kayaks and hit the water. This is a fun way to enjoy nature and get some exercise.

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Sporty Fun With Dad

For the sporty dads, these activities will score big.

16. Go-Kart Racing: Channel your inner racer and hit the local go-kart track. The adrenaline rush will be a memorable experience.

17. Mini-Golf: Visit a local mini-golf course for a light-hearted competition. Celebrate with ice cream after the game!

18. Attend a Sporting Event: Purchase tickets to your dad’s favorite sporting event. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, or a motorsport, he’ll appreciate the gesture.

Stay-In Activities with Dad

Staying in can be just as fun with these engaging activities.

19. Movie Marathon: Settle in for a marathon of your dad’s favorite movies. Don’t forget the popcorn and candy!

20. Video Game Night: If your dad is a gamer, organize a video game night. Choose games that can involve the whole family for extra fun.

21. Karaoke Night: Set up a karaoke night and sing your hearts out to dad’s favorite songs. Laughter guaranteed!

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Father’s Day Road Trips

Plan a day out or a weekend getaway for a change of scenery.

22. Road Trip: Plan a road trip to a place your dad loves or has always wanted to visit. Make the journey part of the fun with road games and pit stops at interesting sites.

23. Visit a Historical Site: If your dad is a history buff, a trip to a nearby historical site or museum could be the perfect outing.

24. Wine Tasting: Treat your dad to a local vineyard or winery tour. Enjoy the scenery while sipping on fine wines.

Last-Minute Father’s Day Ideas

If you’re short on time, these last-minute ideas are perfect to make Father’s Day special.

25. Spa Day at Home: Help dad unwind with a DIY spa day at home. Prepare a hot bath, a soft robe, and some relaxing music. Check out these relaxing playlists on Spotify.

26. Dad’s Choice Day: If you’re stumped for ideas, let your dad decide! It could be anything from visiting his favorite restaurant to going for a long walk in the park. Check out this TikTok trend.

27. Lego Building Contest: Unleash your creativity with a friendly Lego building contest. The best part? You’ll have a memento to display after.

28. Surprise Dinner: Cook a surprise dinner with all of dad’s favorite foods. Create a restaurant-like ambiance with candles, music, and a beautifully set table. Discover Recipes.

29. Homemade Gift: Last-minute doesn’t mean less thoughtful. Create a DIY gift like a photo album, a personalized keychain, or a homemade candle.

30. Father’s Message Video: Gather the family and create a heartfelt video message expressing your love for dad. This is a gift he can treasure and re-watch any time he needs a pick-me-up.

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Remember, the best gifts for dad aren’t material things, but experiences and memories shared with his loved ones. So, this Summer, choose one (or more!) of these fun activities to live in the moment and make memories with those you love!

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