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Walmart Back to School Sales: 20 Best Deals on Supplies for the New School Year

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walmart back to school sales

Walmart Back to School Sales offers is the place to start shopping, as we approach the back to school season,

Walmart, one of the largest retailers in the U.S, is known for its unbeatable back-to-school sale that covers everything from backpacks to crayons.

In a bid to sweeten the deal, this year, Walmart is extending a FREE 2-day shipping offer on select school supplies for orders over $35. Now you can bag all the essentials you need, right from the comfort of your home, and still take advantage of these incredible prices!

Let’s dive into 30 of the best back to school deals available at Walmart.

20 Top Deals for Back to School Supplies at Walmart

Stationery Deals

back to school stationery supplies

Jumpstart your back-to-school shopping with unbeatable Rollback deals at Walmart, offering up to 40% off on school supplies. It’s the perfect time to stock up on essentials while maximizing savings for the upcoming school year.

  1. Crayola Crayons – Add a pop of color to your school supply list with vibrant Crayola crayons, available starting at just $0.93. Bring your creativity to life while keeping your wallet happy this school season.
  2. BIC Pens – Make a statement this school season with the trending BIC pens, available at unbeatable prices starting from just $1.23.
  3. Binders – Maintain a clutter-free note-taking routine with discounted binders available for $10 and under, a great deal to ensure an organized school year.
  4. Scotch™ Multi-Purpose Scissors – Experience superior cutting performance suitable for a range of tasks such as crafts, photos, and more, all for just $3.46.
  5. Elmer’s School Glue Sticks – Maintain a clean and tidy workspace during craft projects with Elmer’s school glue sticks, available from just $2.42.
  6. Elmer’s Washable School Glue – Designed to be washable, safe, and non-toxic, is your go-to choice for affixing items to paper, wood, cloth, and more. It’s an all-around fantastic tool for your craftwork and school projects, starting from just $2.42.
  7. Crayola Colored Pencils – Add a pop of color to your work with Crayola colored pencils. Available at incredibly affordable prices starting from $1.97, they’re the perfect tool to bring your creativity to life.
  8. Crayola Line Markers – Unleash your creative side with our range of colorful line markers and washable line markers, perfect for arts and crafts. Currently on sale, you can snag these artistic tools starting from just $3.33.
  9. Composition Notebooks – Whether your preference lies with wide-ruled or college-ruled styles, we have composition notebooks and composition books to suit your needs. With prices starting as low as $0.14, now is the perfect time to stock up for the upcoming school year.
  10. Pencil Sharpeners – Ensure your pencils are always ready for action with our selection of sharpeners. Starting at a mere $0.97, it’s the perfect addition to your school supply list.
child at table with school supplies

Tech Deals

back to school tech deals at walmart

Kick off the new school year with the hottest tech deals at Walmart. Discover irresistible back-to-school offers from renowned brands like Apple, Samsung, Canon, Lenovo, and much more, setting you up for a year of success with cutting-edge technology.

  1. Apple iPadsEmpowering education with discounted Apple iPads, the seamless blend of technology and innovation, right at your fingertips.
  2. Laptops – Kick off the school year with a bang with powerful laptops from industry-leading brands like Acer and Lenovo for $400 and under.
  3. Chromebooks – Perfect for college students, Chromebooks are available for less than $400.
  4. Calculators – Boost math skills with a range of discounted calculators. Starting at just $6.98, they’re a smart addition to any back-to-school shopping list.
  5. Printers – Step into the school year well-prepared with high-quality printers available at Walmart, all priced at $100 and under. No more last-minute print runs – conveniently complete your assignments from the comfort of your home.
walmart tech sales for back to school

Apparel and Accessory Deals

Stock up on apparel and accessories with Walmart’s back-to-school deals, featuring kids’ backpacks, clothes, lunch bags, and beverage containers. It’s a shopping bonanza you don’t want to miss!

  1. Backpacks – Discover the perfect backpack for your child’s school and travel needs, with a variety of sizes and their favorite characters to choose from, all starting at just $14.97.
  2. Lunch Boxes & Bags – Transform lunchtime into an enjoyable experience with a wide assortment of lunch boxes and bags starting from just $10.97. Available in various designs and styles, they’re the perfect companion for your child’s midday meal.
  3. Beverage Containers – Ensure your child stays refreshed throughout the day with our wide range of discounted water bottles and Thermos, all priced at $20 and under. Choose from an assortment of colors and fun character designs, tailored to captivate kids of all ages.
  4. Kids Clothing – Make after-school hours more delightful for your kids with Walmart’s range of stylish and comfortable clothing. With prices starting as low as $5, the collection offers unbeatable value, setting the stage for an enjoyable school year.
  5. Computer Desks – Create a comfortable and productive study space with Walmart’s selection of computer desks, all priced at $100 and under. Ideal for students of all ages, these desks are a great addition to any home for the upcoming school year.
  6. Office Chairs – Make your study space comfortable and functional with our range of office chairs and desks, all available for $100 and under.

USA Storewide Back To School Deals

Don’t limit yourself to just one retailer when it comes to back-to-school shopping.

While Walmart is a strong contender for your attention with its wide array of school supplies at excellent prices, you should also consider checking out other popular retailers., for instance, boasts exclusive online back-to-school deals that you won’t want to miss. Similarly, a visit to your local Walmart store may reveal in-store exclusive discounts on school supplies, providing you with fantastic savings.

On the other hand, don’t forget to also explore what Target has to offer.

Comparing prices between Walmart and Target‘s back-to-school deals can ensure you’re scoring the best possible savings. But the competition doesn’t stop there.

Amazon Prime is another retailer that could surprise you with its back-to-school sales. By comparing Walmart’s school supplies prices against Amazon’s offerings, you can ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck during this school season.

Did you know? Walmart does price match Back to School deals!

So, if you stumble upon a fantastic Back to School sale at another retailer, simply bring the ad to Walmart and grab some extra savings. It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to maximize your savings and stretch your dollar at office supply stores!

If you stumble upon a fantastic Back to School sale at another retailer, simply bring the ad to Walmart and grab some extra savings. It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to maximize your savings and stretch your dollar at office supply stores!

How to Save More at Walmart?

Shop Your Way

Shop Your Way Everywhere Chrome Extension
Shop Your Way Everywhere Chrome Extension

When back-to-school shopping at Walmart, be sure to use the Shop Your Way platform to earn points and save more. For every purchase, you earn reward points that can be redeemed on future purchases.

Coupons and Rollbacks

Keep an eye out for coupons, exclusive offers and rollback deals on Walmart school supplies. Additionally, you can grab an extra 10% off your purchase between August 10-23 for Walmarts Teachers’ Appreciation Event. You never know when you might snag a deal that beats last year’s prices.

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Making Shopping Rewarding: A Win-Win Situation

Shop Your Way Everywhere Chrome Extension
Shop Your Way Everywhere Chrome Extension

Discover the allure of this system – a perfect blend of simplicity and versatility – catering effectively to various shopper personas, whether thrifty or extravagant.

At Shop Your Way, we prioritize rewarding loyal customers, and to achieve this, we have crafted a comprehensive program that empowers users to leverage their spending habits, transforming everyday purchases into potential savings during Walmart’s annual back-to-school sales event.

Explore an extensive range of products across different categories, ensuring that every individual finds value here.

No matter your interests – be it fashion, tech gadgets, sports equipment, and more – our shop-your-way-point-redeeming options have got you covered. They guarantee the best bang for your buck.

So why wait? Get Started now and embark on your journey towards a smarter, more satisfying shopping experience today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date of the Walmart Back to School sale?

The dates of Walmart’s Back to School sale vary by year, but it typically starts in late July and runs through the end of August. Be sure to check their website or local store for the most accurate and current information.

How can I maximize my savings during Walmart’s Back to School Sale?

By using the Shop Your Way platform, looking out for coupons and rollback deals, and comparing prices with other retailers like Target and Amazon.

Can I use coupons on

Yes, you can use valid coupons for extra savings on

Disclaimer: Please note, the prices listed in this article are accurate as of the time of writing and are subject to change. All Walmart back-to-school sale deals are available while supplies last. Some of the offers are exclusive to online shopping on, while others are only available for in-store purchases. We recommend checking both online and in your local store to make the most out of your back-to-school shopping experience.

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