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Walmart Plus Benefits: What is it and How Does It Work?

Seasonal | September 5, 2023 Share to Facebook Share to Twitter

Exploring Walmart Plus benefits can feel like navigating a retail jungle.

Are the fees associated with Walmart Plus worth it?

Digging into Walmart Plus benefits reveals a trove of savings and conveniences. But if you’re not sure how to maximize these perks, you could miss out on serious value.

Understanding Walmart Plus benefits, from unlimited free delivery to exclusive deals, can transform your shopping experience and save you money. Let’s dive in!

Mother and daughter shopping for groceries - walmart plus benefits

An Introduction to Walmart Plus is a name that needs no introduction in the retail space. It has been serving customers with its extensive range of products and unbeatable prices for decades now.

But did you know they’ve kicked things up a notch? Enter Walmart Plus, their exclusive membership program designed just for frequent shoppers.

The standout feature of this subscription service has got to be unlimited free delivery, which is perfect if you’re an avid online shopper or someone who likes having groceries delivered right to their doorstep from their local store (given it meets the minimum order amount).

This alone puts them toe-to-toe with Amazon Prime and its 2-day shipping offer.

But wait. There’s more. If road trips are part of your routine or if filling gas tanks feels like draining money down the drain, fuel discounts at participating stations across America might pique your interest – another perk offered by Walmart Plus.

Retail Giants Face-off: Amazon vs Walmart

In today’s cut-throat retail market, every advantage counts; especially when going against titans like Amazon Prime and Best Buy loyalty programs.

With unique benefits such as unlimited free deliveries on future purchases and early access to big sales events (think Black Friday), Walmart Plus holds firm ground in this face-off.

A New Age Rivalry:

While some features provided by competitors – say streaming services included in Amazon Prime – may not be available here yet, what sets apart Walmart Plus is how it focuses on practical benefits centered around shopping convenience which can lead to significant cost savings over time. And let’s admit it – we all love saving bucks where we can.

Gearing Up For The Future:

This competition between industry titans isn’t just about current advantages; it’s also about influencing future consumer behavior through incentives tied directly into routine activities, like grocery shopping or binge-watching favorite shows during downtime and it seems both parties have taken note from each other’s playbook.

The Perks of Being a Walmart Plus Member

Imagine the thrill of earning 5% cash back on your next vacation. With Walmart’s new travel hub, that dream becomes a reality for all Walmart Plus members.

And it doesn’t stop there. Your membership also includes six months of free access to SiriusXM, perfect for music lovers and news junkies alike.

A Sneak Peek into Paramount Plus

Binge-watchers rejoice. A Walmart+ subscription service opens up a world of entertainment with free access to Paramount+. From nail-biting dramas like “Star Trek: Discovery” to classic MGM films, you’ll never run out of things to watch.

No need for an extra cost; just sit back, relax, and let the magic unfold right in front of your eyes with this exclusive sales perk from Paramount+.

Rx Savings – The Health Benefit You Didn’t Know You Needed

In the current economic landscape, where healthcare costs can surge unexpectedly, even small savings can make a significant difference.

That’s precisely why, as part of their commitment to improving the lives of everyday consumers, Walmart pharmacies offer membership benefits that include discounts on commonly prescribed medications.

Yet, this goes beyond just monetary savings; it’s about the reassurance that essential medications are accessible when they are needed the most.

And with the added advantages of unlimited free delivery for groceries without any order minimums, coupled with the early access to Black Friday deals, being a member at Walmart brings a bundle of advantages that cater to everything you need.

With the inclusion of fuel stations and other perks, joining as a member proves to be a decision laden with benefits.

Understanding the Cost of a Walmart Plus Membership

The price tag for Walmart Plus membership is quite intriguing. For $98 a year, Walmart Plus membership is more affordable than other services such as Amazon Prime’s annual cost of $119.

If annual payments aren’t really your thing and you’d rather take things month-by-month, Walmart has got that covered too. You can opt for their monthly plan at just $12.95, giving you all the freedom to test drive this service without any long-term commitments.

Digging into The Value Proposition

Your yearly or monthly fee isn’t going down the drain – far from it actually. It covers an array of perks designed specifically to make life simpler and help save some dough while shopping at Walmart stores or using their app.

All these are curated keeping in mind both convenience and savings opportunities.

A Comparison With Other Services: Where Does This Leave Us?

With giants like Amazon accounting for roughly about 38% of all online retail sales in the U.S., where does that leave us? Well, let’s find out.

Amazon Prime may be slightly higher priced than Walmart Plus, but it offers additional features such as streaming entertainment options through platforms like Spotify Premium along with exclusive sales events akin to Amazon Prime Day, which could justify its extra cost depending upon individual needs.

That being said, if we were comparing apples-to-apples here (or should I say memberships?), one might argue that each subscription-based platform brings something unique onto the table, thus making them equally attractive to different consumer segments.

Man carrying groceries in a back pack

Unpacking the Shipping of Walmart Plus Benefits

Competing for dominance in the digital marketplace, Walmart and Amazon are two of the most influential players. With Amazon Prime holding roughly 38% of all online retail sales in the U.S., how does Walmart’s membership program, known as Walmart Plus, stack up? One area where it shines is its shipping benefits.

This feature offers an edge over other services that often require customers to meet certain order value thresholds before qualifying for free shipping.

No Minimum Purchase Requirement

A key aspect setting apart Walmart Plus from others, especially when compared to non-membership shopping at their own platform or rivals like Amazon Prime – there’s no need to hit any specific amount before checking out.

Whether you’re ordering groceries or picking up some household essentials, there are zero constraints on your cart total.

This perk eliminates unnecessary stress while making smaller purchases and ensures simplicity throughout your shopping journey without having to worry about reaching arbitrary totals.

Faster Delivery Times

Apart from granting members limitless complimentary deliveries, regardless of any price cap, this subscription service offers a notable benefit: expedited delivery timelines.

When your in-store essentials start dwindling, or when you suddenly require last-minute presents, you can anticipate receiving them right at your doorstep in a matter of hours, contingent on availability and your location.

This undeniably presents a remarkable convenience. It undeniably simplifies life, as you can rely on these products being swiftly transported to your residence, granting you more time for other tasks. Additionally, this ensures that fresh produce reaches your kitchen table promptly.

By utilizing the Walmart app and member prices during checkout, you can take full advantage of this service’s perks.

Fuel Discounts at Sam’s Club Locations: A Walmart Plus Perk

Let’s talk about one of the most appealing benefits that come with a Walmart Plus membership – fuel discounts.

This isn’t just limited to your local Walmart gas stations, but extends across more than 500 Sam’s Club locations nationwide.

This means whether you’re commuting daily or planning an epic road trip adventure, every cent saved on fuel adds up over time.

How Fuel Savings Work

To enjoy these perks, all members need is their Walmart Plus card. Presenting it when paying at participating outlets applies the discount automatically – making life easier and cheaper. What’s even better? There are no restrictions on how much discounted gas you can purchase each month.

  1. No minimum purchase requirement to get the discount (unlike some other reward programs).
  2. The ability to save money regardless of vehicle type or frequency of refueling.

A Closer Look into Potential Savings

Gas discounts are subject to fluctuations based on geographical location and prevailing market rates. Typically, these discounts can range from a reduction of five cents per gallon to a more substantial ten cents per gallon.

Accrued over time, these modest increments can yield noteworthy advantages, particularly for individuals who frequently refuel or cover significant distances regularly.

Imagine the potential for an annual savings of approximately $40 by simply acquiring fifteen gallons of fuel every week, made achievable by utilizing a five-cent-per-gallon discount.

By making the most of credit card benefits, member prices, and occasional limited-time offers, these potential savings can be further amplified.

This can be especially true when considering the additional perks like exclusive access to product releases, the convenience of a next-day grocery delivery service, and more.

Beyond Gasoline: Other Types Of Fuels Included

In addition to regular unleaded gasoline, discounts also extend towards diesel fuels available in select areas – truck owners rejoice.

However, always remember to check what types are included before heading out as availability may differ between different Sam’s Club branches.

The Evolution from Grocery Unlimited Service

Walmart’s journey in the subscription service space began with a program known as Grocery Unlimited service. This was specifically tailored for Walmart shoppers who frequently purchased groceries and preferred home deliveries. The annual fee? Just $98.

But then, something changed. In 2023, this grocery-focused program morphed into what we now know as Walmart Plus. And it wasn’t just about changing names; new perks were added that extended beyond the realm of groceries to include all sorts of goods like electronics, clothing, toys – you name it.

Man in red delivering groceries

A Power Move by Walmart

This evolution was more than an attempt at diversification; it was a strategic move aimed squarely at competing against Amazon Prime in the fiercely competitive membership program market.

Walmart+, through its expanded offering and free shipping without minimum purchase requirements (talk about convenience.), hoped to attract not only everyday consumers but also online shopping enthusiasts looking for value-for-money deals.

Comparing Walmart Plus and Amazon Prime

The world of subscription services is dominated by two major players: Walmart Plus and Amazon Prime. Each offers a variety of perks, but they differ in several significant ways.

The cost for these memberships is one such area. While the annual membership fee for Walmart Plus stands at $98, its competitor charges slightly more with an annual rate of $119.

However, if you’re considering monthly payments instead, both are quite similar – charging around 13 bucks per month.

A Look at Delivery Perks

Consumers are drawn to these programs due to their advantageous delivery perks. Those enrolled in Walmart’s membership program can enjoy the convenience of free, unlimited deliveries from nearby stores for orders surpassing $35, encompassing groceries as well.

This proves to be an invaluable asset for individuals leading hectic lives or those who opt for online shopping.

This feature extends to groceries as well, offering utmost convenience to bustling households and online shopping enthusiasts.

In stark contrast, Amazon Prime bestows its members with complimentary two-day shipping on countless items, devoid of any mandatory purchase thresholds.

Moreover, it grants access to same-day delivery choices within specific cities nationwide. As an added benefit, members relish a 2-hour grocery delivery facility through Whole Foods Market, all at no additional cost.

Diving into Entertainment Benefits

A notable contrast between these platforms becomes evident in their entertainment provisions.

Amazon Prime encompasses not only shipping advantages but also provides entry to the video streaming service, Prime Video, the music platform known as Amazon Music Unlimited, and exclusive literary content such as Kindle books available through Prime Reading.

In contrast, Walmart has partnered with Vudu – its proprietary digital video rental and purchasing platform – offering members discounts on movie rentals or purchases conducted via this service.

Nevertheless, the vast media library presented by Amazon remains unparalleled.

For those seeking video streaming, the Paramount+ essential plan offers an enticing option.

Alongside potential savings on delivery fees and the allure of low prices, users are granted free months as a welcoming gesture to explore the variety of content available.

Evaluating Membership Value

To determine the program that aligns best with your preferences, it’s essential to assess which aspects hold the highest value for you.

Do you find yourself making frequent trips to either store? Is expedited shipping a priority? Or perhaps access to extra entertainment choices takes precedence?

In the dynamic realm of retail, subscription-based services have emerged as an innovative approach for businesses to cultivate customer allegiance and enrich shopping journeys.

At its essence, Walmart Plus strives to simplify consumers’ lives by seamlessly merging convenience and cost savings.

Among its notable advantages is the option for subscribers to enjoy unlimited free delivery on eligible items, ensuring groceries and everyday necessities reach their doorstep without constraints.

This feature not only safeguards valuable time but also accommodates the escalating demand for contactless shopping.

Additionally, the supplementary perk of fuel discounts can significantly impact those who frequently find themselves on the road.

As we navigate the reimagined retail landscape, subscription services like Walmart Plus continue to reshape the shopping experience.

Its collection of membership benefits, including the potential for Walmart rewards and considerable savings, is aimed at offering subscribers a tangible value proposition.

By evaluating factors like membership cost and the range of advantages provided, shoppers can ascertain if Walmart Plus aligns harmoniously with their lifestyle and shopping preferences.

woman on her phone while shopping


Walmart Plus is a game-changer for frequent shoppers.

The benefits are vast and varied, from unlimited free delivery to fuel discounts at Sam’s Club locations.

You’ve discovered the expense structure of this membership plan – $98 annually or $12.95 monthly – and how it contrasts with other comparable services available, such as Amazon Prime.

We’ve also explored its evolution from Walmart’s Grocery Unlimited service, adding more value to your shopping experience than ever before.

Free access to Paramount Plus? Check. Rx savings on commonly prescribed medications? Absolutely!

Now that you’re armed with all these insights about Walmart Plus benefits, why not put them into action?

With our rewards platform, it’s easy for you to earn points on everyday purchases, including those made at Walmart! Redeem your points on brands you love and start rewarding yourself today.

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