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How do I use Shop Your Way Coupons online?

Once you have loaded the coupons you like, start browsing online! When you're ready to check out, log in with your Shop Your Way account. On the Shopping Cart page, apply your loaded coupons to the applicable items on your cart by simply clicking the link that says ‘Apply My Shop Your Way  Coupons’ and selecting the coupons you'd like to apply to your purchase.

How do I use Shop Your Way Coupons in store?

To redeem in store, provide your phone number or email address to the associate so they can look up your Shop Your Way Member number. Then your coupons will be automatically applied to your applicable purchases. It's that easy!

I visited the store but my coupons did not automatically apply. Why did that happen?

If a coupon did not apply during the transaction, there could be several reasons:

  1. The coupon was valid but not loaded to your account. In this case, please go back to your COUPON CENTER on your mobile app and click 'Load to my Account' to make sure the coupon is loaded to your Shop Your Way account and ready to be redeemed.
  2. The coupon was valid but did not apply to the right item. In this case, please go back to your coupon center and click ‘See Details’ to review the Terms and Conditions applicable to your coupon.
  3. The coupon has expired. You can view all your expired coupons under the 'Clipped Coupons' tab of your COUPON CENTER.
  4. The coupon has already been redeemed. You can view all your redeemed coupons under the 'Clipped Coupons' tab of your COUPON CENTER.

What are Shop Your Way Coupons?

They're coupons that have been handpicked for our favorite Member—you! They were selected based on your interests, and what other Members like you have enjoyed. They're from all our great partners like Sears and Kmart, and they'll provide you with easy opportunities to save dollars and earn Points.

Can anyone receive and redeem Shop Your Way Coupons?

Nope, they're exclusively for Shop Your Way Members only. They're our way of thanking you for being a Member. So take us up on it—start saving and earning today!

Are Shop Your Way Coupons for Base Members, Bonus Members or both?

Both! They're a Member–only benefit, for all our Members.

How do I find my coupons on

Easy! Just visit Or, you can log in to Shop Your Way .com and look for Rewards >> Deals & Coupons.

How can I keep track of all the coupons I've loaded into my account?

Visit  to find your Coupon Center. You'll see three tabs at the top of the screen. The second tab, entitled 'Clipped coupons,' holds all the coupons you've loaded to your account!

Can I redeem my Points during a transaction and still use a Shop Your Way Coupon?


How long are the Shop Your Way Coupons valid?

Each coupon has its own expiration date. On the Shop Your Way Coupon Center, click 'See details' to see when your coupons expire. You will also find this information available on your printed coupon

How can I find, load and manage coupons on my smartphone?

Easy! Download the free iPhone app here. On your Shop Your Way  app, tap the menu icon at the upper-left corner of your screen. Then scroll down the menu and tap the 'My Coupons' link. You'll be able to load coupons to your account wherever you go! Then simply apply them in store or online, just like on the web version of your Coupon Center.

Why do I have to register on to access Shop Your Way Coupons?

We take privacy seriously. In order to ensure the privacy of all customers, we require registration to participate in this program. Registering only takes a few minutes!