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FREECASH in points

About FREECASH in points

FREECASH in points are our way of saying thanks for being a loyal Shop Your Way member!

These points often have their own requirements, like a minimum purchase, a quick expiration date or a certain category of items for you to redeem them on.

For more information and purchase requirements (qualifying items) visit  HERE

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How do I redeem my FREECASH in points?

To redeem your FREECASH in points Online:
1. Sign in to your account
2. Add qualifying item(s) to your cart
3. During checkout, click "Redeem My Reward Points".

To redeem your FREECASH in points In-Store :
1. Provide your member number, email or phone number at checkout
2. Tell the associate how many points you would like to use, including FREECASH in points - or just say all!
3. Enter your PIN on the keypad - If your PIN doesn't work, text 'PIN' to 73277 .
4. Your redemption amount will be subtracted from your total

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I made a return, should I get my FREECASH in points back?

If you return a purchase you made with FREECASH in points, you will only receive the amount back which you actually redeemed from your Shop Your Way account, not the redemption amount as well as the FREECASH in points.

FREECASH in points are similar to "money off coupons." If you return something which you purchased with a $1 off coupon, as an example, you will not receive the $1 back in your refund amount.

If your FREECASH in point offer is still valid, the offer may be used again. As an example, if you redeemed 1,000 of your Points, which triggered a $5 FREECASH in point offer, $6 would be taken off your original purchase price. When you return that item, you will only receive the 1,000 Points you redeemed as your refund.

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